Monday, January 4, 2021

Make a list Monday - January 4, 2020


 I am always grateful for new weeks when we can reflect on the old week and see what we need to do better on the next week.   

Let's look at last week's list and see how I did.  

1.   Finish a nightgown for my granddaughters 3rd Birthday.  It is started and almost done.   She love unicorns.   I was glad to find this fabric.  -  Done and she loved it. 

2.  Doll clothes for some of the 3 year old  baby dolls.  She has 5.  She loves to undress them as soon as mommy dresses them.  Her babies take lots of baths.  - didn't get this one done. 

3.   Doll clothes wardrobe for 18" dolls for the SWAP (sewing with a plan) I am doing with Avery Lane Designs, due by January 1st.  - not a complete wardrobe but a dress and a cute jumpsuit.    Will work on a few more this week. 

4.  2 Yellow Brick Road quilts to use for samples for my class.  1 has straight line quilting and 1 free motion. - do this with granddaughters to give practice in teaching.   This is the fabric for the 1st one.   - A really good start on this one.  1 is almost done and another is cut out. 

5.  Lesson plans for class:   accurate cutting, piecing, pressing, color selection, walking foot quilting.   -  Almost done.    Unfortunately,  at the time of writing this, nobody has signed up.  At least they will be ready when I need them. 

6.  Block ready for post on Janury 1 for 2021 monthly color challenge. -  Done.  Posted on my blog. You can read about it here.

7.   Work on project for Hearts on Fire blog hop.  -  I know what I am doing, so now just to get it done. 

8.   Finish quilting this quilt and then choose another one to work on.  -  Still quilting  it.   1 of the things I wanted to do was some quilting in variegated thread, so I am doing the border in this way. 

When I looked at what I got done, I don't feel too bad.   So for this week, there are some things I must get done, so I am adjusting the list a bit. 

1,  work on my project for the Hearts on Fire blog hop.  I post on the 22nd and the goal is to have it done a few days before.

2.   Little loot bag swap.  This is going to be a fun little swap.   I make a cute little bag and then put a yard of fabric in there and mail it to my partner.   I have chosen some fabrics that I am going to send.  In return, someone sends me a fun little bag. 

3.  Yellow Brick road quilts.   At this point nobody has signed up for the class.    My goal is to have the tops done and ready for quilting.  I should probably change it to 3, so that I can demonstrate straight line quilting in class.   

4.  Pull fabrics for a large quadrant stars BOM that I am participating in.  

5.  Decide on project for the show your stripes blog hop that happens in February.   I do have a project that will work and I just may quilt that one up. 

6.  Work on a pattern test for my friend @

7.  Continue working on this quilt.   I am loving the variegated thread in the border. 

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  1. I bet you are the best grandma ever!!! Love all the things you have made.