Monday, August 10, 2020

Make a list Monday August 10, 2020

Well, here we are on Monday again. Last weeks list was quilt long, but I did make progress on it.   Lets look at what I did.   Bench and swing cushions are Done.

bind Christmas quilt. Strips are cut.

Decide on a project for a fall blog hop and pull fabric.  I have decided on the main fabric for a couple of projects.  Need to get some solids. 

Cut pieces for Katie's quilt

Cut pieces for Kyle's quilt. Done and I even started stitching.

 Cut pieces for Jayde's quilt. Almost done cutting them. 

Work on quilting Pam's quilt. I have gotten quite a bit done

So for this week.

Keep working on quilting Pam's quilt.

Write a tutorial on how to make the bench cushions.  Not sure what day I will do the tutorial yet. 
 Work on Katie's quilt

Work on Lizzie's quilt. 

Work on James' quilt.

Work on dresses.
Work on Irish Chain quilt.

 Add more blocks to my August color challenge block to make a quilt using just that block.

 Work on the 2 quilts I am testing for designers. This is 1 of them.  

Work on the quilt for my bed. 

Finish quilting this dog panel wall hanging.  I had started this forever ago and was going to unpick, but unpicking some of these things can cause you to put holes in them.  Then I thought I would trash it, but I just couldn't bear to throw it away, so I showed a picture of it to a daughter and asked if her little guy would want it and she said yes.   I told her I wasn't going to try to undo what had been done, just continue and she said that would be fine. 

 I found this rail fence quilt. I quickly finished sewing all the rows and I would like to start quilting it.

When you start going through things you tend to find UFO's.   
There was some good progress made considering I had 2 days where I took it easy and didn't quilt, because I had an iron fall on my head. 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Make a list Monday - August 3, 2020

Wow!!!! Here we are in August and I have some big goals.  1 of which is 9 quilts, 1 for each grandchild for Christmas and all but 1 needs to be twin size. 

I started looking for patterns to use, then realized there are a few quilts I had started so I am going to work on those.   I try to do favorite colors, but I also know that the grandkids will love anything grandma makes for them.

So, here we go with the list for this week.  Now I know not everything will get done this week, but if I make progress each week then I will be happy.

These are not in any particular order.
1.   Bind the Christmas quilt. 

2.  Decide on project for a fall blog help to be held in September.   Pull fabrics for it.

3.  Cut pieces for Kyle's quilt.  Find a green and light blue.

4.   Work on Charming flowers quilt for Sarah.

5.  Cut pieces for Katie's quilt and start sewing.

6.  Cut pieces for Jayde's quilt, especially the butterflies and start doing the applique.  Get a few more colors.

7.  Work on quilting this quilt.

8.  Work on Lizzie's quilt.

9.  Work on James' quilt.
10.  Finish up these dresses

11.  Make my last 2 cushions for the park benches.

12.  Work on this fun Irish Chain quilt

13.  Take this quilt block and use a variety of pinks to make into a quilt.   We will call it a scrappy rail fence as that is what the block reminds me of.

14.  I am also trying to test a couple of patterns for some friends, so I will be working on those. 

15.   Work on this quilt for my bed.   Since we did a remodel, I wanted a quilt to match the bedroom walls and this is perfect.  This picture is a bit dark, but the walls are a very light green.

How will I accomplish my list.   By organizing my time.  Riding my bike home from work as fast as I can.

Well that is quite the list.  It will definitely keep me busy.