Monday, December 31, 2018

One Monthly Goal December 2018 finish

Hey, good news.   My one Monthly Goal for December was to have all my blocks sewn and ready to stitch into bigger blocks.

  I did it.  Now, I am ready to start putting them together.  I really love this quilt.

I have started putting these blocks together.

So here are the details of this quilt:
Pattern is Charming Flowers from the book Simply Charming Collection by Moose on the Porch quilts
The petals are batiks from
The white is a white on white wide backing from Joanns Fabrics
And the yellow is also from Joanns. 

It will be done in January. 

Make a List Monday - December 31st, 2018

Welcome to the last day of 2018.  I hope you have some fun plans to ring in the new year.  Hubby and I are just going to stay home.  I have great plans for the new year in the way of sewing and quilting.  You can read about those on these 2 links.  and

So, let's start the list.  None of these are in particular order.

I have 2 blog hops this month.   So, I need to work on those.

1 is the 2019 Monthly color challenge by Patterns by Jen.   It goes live tomorrow morning, Jan. 1 st, but I will be posting my block a bit later in the month.  Probably next week, as I am not one of the bloggers this month.  So, I will work on that block this week. You can read about this here

Next blog hop is the Black and white blog hop.  This hop is hosted by Carla at   I have this quilt almost done, but I want to make another one, but we will see where we get. 

These 2 quilts need binding.  So, my goal is to have them finished by the weekend.

Continue working on this quilt.  I need to hopefully have all the blocks sewn tonight to link up with my one monthly goal challenge for Elm Street Quilts.  You can read about my goal for the month here

Cut out a blouse from this fabric.  I need some new clothes, so I am thinking I will just make some.

I have this dress pattern and I have some linen type fabric that I would like to make up.  So I hope to at least get a start.

Continue working on this quilt as well.

Work on my quilting by doing some quilting on these 3 quilts.  Bambi is being done on tricot, and I am loving it.

And work on quilting some of the charity quilts I have that need to be quilted.

Then of course, keep trying to organize my fabrics and sewing supplies.  I still have things in the carport I need to get in the house, but also a room with things that need organized.  I can't wait until all the remodeling is done and I can have my sewing room back.

  This is a big list, but  with some discipline, I can make progress.  I don't expect everything to be done this week, but I will try.  Good thing I have today off, so i can work on some of these things.  I have someone coming to work on my basement.

So, what is on your list for this week? I hope you have a great week, and I will post my finishes as I get them done.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Jungle Quilt - is done

This quilt is done and was gifted to my newest and youngest grandson for Christmas.

It is a dimple design in that it is a 4 patch and larger squares.  For the quilting around the squares i did stitch in the ditch.  I used my Juki tl98q, which is a do,exotic machine for the quilting.

On the borders, I did a leaf design. 

I used flannels for the blocks and the backing and warm n natural batting.  The binding was done with quilting cotton from another project. 

This was such a fun quilt to make and it felt good to get it done. 
Now on to getting more done.

This week I am linking up with for finished or not Friday
And with for Thank goodness it's finished Friday. 

I will be sharing another finish or two next Friday, so I hope you will join me.  Also on Monday I will be back with my Make a List Monday. 

2019 planning party for quilts and blogging

2019 Planning Party

For 2019, I have a lot of goals. This is going to be a fun year for me, at least I hope it will. It seems like sometimes we set goals that are too big to achieve, and I have done some things to help me out.

 So here are the goals:

 finish at least 1 quilt per month. This does not need to be a new quilt. It can be 1 of my many quilts that are started, but not yet finished.  Some of these will be charity quilts.   To help me do this, I have signed up to host a linky party once a month at

Try 1 new quilting design each month.   I have a Pinterest page filled with quilting designs I want to try.

Participate in blog hops monthly.  I have signed up to do 2 blog hops, 1 in January and 1 in February, with finished quilts, and each month I will be participating in a 2019 monthly color challenge with, you can see details here  I will be blogging each month, so watch for the blocks I make.

 In January I am participating in a black and white quilt blog hop hosted by Carla at

In February I am participating in a blog hop called show your wings hosted by Carol at

Another goal for the year is to improve my photography skills.  I use my tablet and I would like to get much better at taking good, clear photos.

So, these goals combined with my sewing goals at will keep me pretty busy.   But, I am excited to do this. 

What kinds of goals are you working on for 2019?

Linking up with Yvonne at for her
And I would love an accountability partner.  Someone who can help encourage me.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Make a list Monday - December 17, 2018

My husband is so awesome.  I have been wanting to get to a local shop to quilt.  He asked me if I could just quilt here, and we found a place for things that were clogging the kitchen.  If you are a regular reader, you know about my sewage flood, and that things from the basement are packed into the upstairs and carport.  So  I have been able to work on some quilting.  I use a Juki tl98q machine, usually on a grace frame, but I have found I have better control with out it being on the frame.  So, I am trying to decide if I should set the frame up when the sewing room is ready again.  Time will tell.

Okay, let's get on with this week's to do list. None of these are in particular order.  It just depends what I can do each day.

1.  Continue sorting through sewing stuff and organizing into totes.  As I do this I number each tote, and have a list in my tablet, telling me what is in each box.

2.  Hand stitch the binding on this quilt.  I prefer my bindings handstitched. That is how I learned and I enjoy it, plus I get to test out the snuggliness of the quilts.

3.  Make binding for these 2 quilts and get them attached.

4.  These 3 quilts need to be quilted.

5.  Continue working on this quilt.  This is my one monthly challenge with, and I would really like to get it done. 

6.  Work on this quilt.  This is a quilt by and is called WHIRLYGIGS.  I would love to have it ready to quilt by Saturday.

7.   Work on this quilt.  This is called squiggles by Christa at .  I think iI changed the setting around a bit, but that is okay.   It will be a fun quilt.

8.  Work on getting t shirts done for 7 grandkids. This I usually do during lunch breaks and stay after work to use the serger.  It makes it easier than having to keep moving machines around.  I have a big pile cut out.  They go pretty fast, though, so that is good.

9.  Help out on basement if needed.

Yes, that is a lot to do.  But I will try.  Sometimes I think I forget that I work full time and that I might be super woman. But I like to stay busy.  We will see where I get. 

What fun things do you have on your list this week?

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

TGIFF - The Jungle Quilt

Today is my day to share for TGIFF (Thank goodness it's finished Friday).  This quilt is one that I started sometime ago. 

My daughter pieced it and then I quilted it.   The quilting was quite simple, I stitched in the ditch around the squares, and then I did a free motion leaf design on the borders.

 I used warm and natural batting, front and back are both flannel.  I used my Lily 550 from Viking to do the quilting.    I used glide thread for the quilting in a warm grey. 

My daughter in law requested a jungle theme, so I hope she will like this for my grandson.  There is another one in the works, that I hope to have ready for Christmas.

The binding still needs stitched down, but all my evenings after work have been spent putting a basement back together after a sewage flood.  This quilt will be ready for gifting to my newest grandson on Sunday. 

What have you finished this week?  Link up and share with us, please.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Make a List Monday - things are coming along

Hi all,

Well It is actually Tuesday, but let me share with you what I am working on. 

I am making progress with this quilt.  I have finished 50 of the blocks.  I need at least that many more. 

I am also making some headway in organizing my fabrics.  I am anxiously awaiting to get my basement restored so I can have my sewing room back. 

So, for this week, this is what I plan to work on.

1.  Continue with the charming flowers quilt.

2.  Cut out some t shirts for my grandkids.  They will get a handmade Christmas from grandpa and grandma this year, as we are having to put the money into the basement,  and I have oodles of knit fabrics.  I can sew on these at work during lunches and after work. 

3.  Work on my arrows quilt.

4.  This is a quilt for my son and daughter in law.  It is the metro medallion by sew kind of wonderful.

5.  Do some hand quilting on this tricot quilt.  It is Little Miss Muffet.

6.  Continue organizing sewing stuff. I have at least 13 boxes of stuff.  Some a projects in Progress and some are fabrics.

All of my piecing our being done by hand right now.   So it is slow going.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

One Monthly Goal - December 2018

So, I completed last months goal of getting 50 blocks done, but there are more to do. So, I will continue this month with finishing those blocks and if time allows, I will get them sewn together, and if we are lucky a completed top.  I do have 1 1/2 blocks sewn together, just because I had to see it.

 It is slow going as I am stitching by hand right now. If all goes well, by mid January, I should be back in the sewing room. Yay!!! I have missed my sewing room.

So to recap the goal for one monthly goal with is to get all the rest of my squares done. 

Fabrics are batiks from  The white and yellow are from my stash.  I like having goals.  What are your goals this month? I love reading your comments, so please leave one.