Friday, January 29, 2021

Made for a princess

 I love the Disney princesses.   When I saw this fabric I knew it would be a fun one to quilt.   Sometimes when you have a piece like this, you can just add borders to it and then quilt it.   

I love to quilt quilts that have borders.  It is a fun way to try some quilting designs. 

On this quilt, in the center, I did some meandering, or as I like to call it jigsaw puzzle quilting.   

On the 1st border I did wishbones.   This is a very fun quilting design to do. 

On the 2nd border I did leaves.

The French braid border has figure 8' S.

I did the binding by machine.  Usually I do it by hand, but would like to get better at machine binding.  It is faster and sturdier, but I still prefer hand binding.    On the binding it really depends.  If they are a donation quilt or 1 that might get used a ton and washed a lot, I will sometimes opt for machine binding. 

This is a finish from my #2021finishalong list for the 1st quarter.    It is also the 2nd quilt finished in January.  Hmmm. Wonder if I can finish 1 more this weekend.   Something to challenge myself for. 


  1. You certainly are getting them done. I love your different quilting and any princess will love this quilt.

    1. Thank you Barb. I gave it to a coworker who is moving. She was in tears when she came to tell me thank you. In fact, one of our bosses was standing there chatting with me when she came to tell me thanks. He went upstairs to see it and told me after he came back down how nice it was and what a great job I did on it.