Friday, December 31, 2021

Monthly color challenge January 2022

 I am so glad to be joining Jen @ for another fun year of the Monthly Color Challenge.     My goal this year is to make at least one of each block, but maybe more, put them together  and use them for Christmas gifts.   

Before I get to talking about the blocks, I want to share some tips with you.   With a new year it is a good time to think about improving your sewing and quilting skills.

1.   Always press your fabric.  I like to use either Best press or Niagra starch as I am pressing.   I prewash my fabrics and I like the feel that the starch gives my fabric.

2.  Make sure you change needles on a regular basis.   I change them with each major project or after 8-10 hours of sewing.   The needles I prefer are schmetz and I tend to use the universal in a size 80/12.

3.  Clip your threads.   So many machines now have a thread cutter.  Use it.  Your projects look so much better when you clip the threads. 

4.  I like to have a lint roller close by.   I tend to get a lot of tiny pieces of threads on my projects, so, I use the lint roller to keep those thread pieces at bay.  

Now on to this months block.  

This months block is really fun and easy to took me less than an hour to cut and sew two blocks up.   I wanted to switch my light and dark oranges around. 

I hope to do a lot more blogging this year.   I have been going through and cleaning and organizing my sewing room and fabrics and found lots of projects I need to finish and then I will be sharing them.   So follow me on Facebook or Instagram so you can see what I am up to.   

Check out the rest of the bloggers.   And remember to visit Jen @ to get a copy of the pattern.   It is free all month long. 

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Dont forget the link up at the end of the month.  Have a happy and healthy new year.