Monday, January 20, 2020

Winter blues blog hop

Welcome to the winter blues blog hop.  This blog hop is hosted by Carla at   when I saw the title of the hop I knew I had to do it.  You see, I have about 5 quilts that I am working on with blue in them.   I thought GREAT!!!! I can get some of these quilts done.  Well, reality set in.  There has been lots of long hours at work and a hubby who has not been in great health and I wasn't getting to my machine as much as I wanted.

When I make quilts, I tend to go with  bed size quilts and they take time to do.

As I said, I have about 5 in progress. 

I have a churn dash I am doing for my son and daughter in law.

A BYU quilt for my hubby. 

A star quilt for a grandson

A  Cinderella wall hanging  for a daughter.

And this one for a daughter and son in law.

Well, the blog hop was fast approaching and I was not getting things done fast.  I wanted a finished project and then I got thinking I could make a doll quilt for a granddaughters birthday.  She just turned 2 and she loves her baby dolls.

  Then I thought a sleeping bag would be fun.

I had so much fun making the sleeping bag.

 As soon as it was done, I ran down to the basement, to the toy box to get the baby doll I had to take a picture.  Then I ran upstairs and showed my hubby.  He thought it was cool.

When we had the birthday party on Sunday, I gave it to her and we showed her how to put her baby in there.  She loved it.

There are requests to make sleeping bags for other dolls, Barbie dolls, and even stuffed animals.  And yes, grandma will do everything in her power to get more done.  These are great scrapbusters.

I love to hear your comments.    In fact, lets do a giveaway.   U.S. only.   I will give away 1 doll sleeping bag and 1 doll quilt.   Tell me what colors you like with blue.  Contest closes on Sunday, Jan. 26 at 10 pm mountain time.  A random winner will be chosen on Monday Jan 27. Please leave an email so I can get in touch with you.

The blog hop goes all week.   Please take time to visit all of the bloggers and see the fun ideas they have.

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Patchwork baby quilt and first finish of 2020

This quilt was pieced together for probably 5 years.  I was just never sure how I wanted to quilt it.   So it sat there in a pile, got moved a few times and finally I decided to quilt it for a baby shower.

 I did a loopy meander, and found I did a couple of open hearts, wrote the word "love" and even found a few spots that I had cursive "L's" in the quilting.

For the border I did wavy lines.  When I first learned free motion quilting I would try for straight lines and get wavy lines.  Now when I try for wavy I get more straight lines.  I learned this border design through a you tube tutorial by Angela Walters

I hope this quilt is loved by mom and dad and especially little baby.   Quilts are a great comfort.  I make all of my quilts with love and I want them to be used and loved.

Just a recap: 
No pattern was used.   Just 4.5" squares sewn together.  I did do a border at 5" all around. 
Thread for piecing was from and is the essential collection.
Thread for quilting is glide by Filtec at

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Quilting goals for 2020

There are lots of things I want to be able to do in 2020. 

The first is to be organized.   I need to get my quilting and sewing organized.  Make sure I know where things are and clean up after sewing projects.

I want to improve my quilting skills.  Both my hand guided that I use for free motion and my ruler skills.  To do this I have a Pinterest board called quilting designs I want to try.   I will choose 1 design and doodle it on paper and then try it on fabric.  I know that if I practice daily I can do it. And as my boss tells me, I can do anything I put my mind to.

Finish projects.   If I need to put a deadline down for a project to get it done, then so be it.  I need to set aside time each day for my projects.   I will also keep a list of projects that I want to do, then set up a reward program for myself and allow me to start a new project.

Develop lesson plans for beginning quilting classes.  This is so I can teach others quilting techniques.   In doing this I will continue teaching my granddaughters to sew and quilt.

Continue blogging and participate in blog hops each month.  I love blog hops.  This also encourages me to get things down. 

These aren't a lot of goals, but they are things I want to work on.

I hope you have some goals that you will be working on.   I would love to hear what your goals are. 2

Monday, December 30, 2019

Monthly color challenge January 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Monthly color challenge.    This challenge is hosted by Jen of  I am so excited to be one of her bloggers this year.

The color for the block this month is yellow.   The block is done in a dark and light yellow.

 But wait!!!! Jen has a fun surprise for you!!!!!  This year she added a bonus of using a constant background color in either black or white.

My white one is cut.  I will share it in about a week.

I really love all of the backgrounds. 

And she has sponsors for each quarter this year.   So, yes, you can win prizes. 

Here is a list of the prizes you can win:

Quilters Chic PDF Pattern

3rd Story Workshop: Andrea Jackson Book: Gemology

For the Love of Geese PDF Pattern

Quilters Dream Batting Dream Fusible 80/20 - 60" x 60"

Andover Fabrics Fabric Bundle -  Giucy Giuce's DECLASSIFIED

Warm Company Warm and Natural - Needled Cotton Batting 45" x 60"

Make Modern Magazine 6 month subscription

Patterns By Jen Superior Thread S-Fine 50

Patterns By Jen Tucker Trimmer

Those are some awesome prizes.   It makes doing the blocks doubly worth it, right?

This block is very quick and easy to make. Which is a good thing, because I make my quilts in bed sizes, so I know I need to make some extra blocks.

A couple of tips:

First test out to make sure you have the right seam allowance.   Cut just a small strip of 2 colors, run your 1/4" seam allowance and measure.  Having the correct seam allowance is really a big deal. 

2nd:  make sure you cut accurately.   I cut my pieces the size I am instructed to and then once they are sewn, I double check measurements and trim if I need to.   Remember measure twice, cut once. 

I really hope you enjoy the monthly color challenge.

You can get the pattern by going to Jen's blog at

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I can't wait to see what colors you use for your backgrounds.  Be sure to follow along so you know when to link up your blocks.   U

Sunday, December 29, 2019

My PHD list and it is only a partial list

Welcome to my world of PHD's or projects half done.  I knew I had a lot in different stages but until I was cleaning and organizing I really had no clue.

So, why do I share this?   I am trying to turn over a new leaf in 2020 and learning to be organized.   I need to somehow be accountable for what I start and get it finished.   I have never been really organized.   You can walk into my moms home and she has everything totally organized.   For me, 1 or 2 rooms might be organized.   In the last few months I have noticed my brain is really cloudy, you know that feeling at least I hope I am not the only one, and I just wonder if all the clutter is causing it.

I have people who tell me I am amazing, because I do this and that, but I may be amazing at starting projects but I am not amazing at finishing.  So in 2020 I am doing what it takes to finish the projects that I have started.

So, I am following some groups on Facebook that are having challenges to get these projects done.  Each month a number is chosen and you go down the list to that number and that is the project you work on.  My plan is that as soon as that project is done is to choose another one, by counting down that many more projects. 

Will it work?   Only time will tell, but I hope so. I want these quilts done and given to those whom they were made for so they can be loved.

Some were done just for fun and I may try to sell them or donate them.

As I get these done, I will definitely share them with you.  I am pretty sure there are some missing from the list.   But at least this is a start.

I am always open to suggestions on the best way to organize, so please share your favorite tips with me.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Fancy Fox baby quilt

I had seen this pattern along with Bjorn Bear making their way through social media.   Well I thought they were very cute and I wanted to make them. 

I bought Bjorn Bear first and then went back to my local quilt shop and bought the fancy fox after I found out my friend at work was having a boy and they were decorating with foxes.

Bjorn Bear is still waiting to be done.   It will get there.

Both of these patterns are made by Elizabeth Hartmann @  I can tell you I absolutely love her patterns.   The instructions are easy to follow.

As there are a lot of pieces I suggest you use something to help you keep your pieces organized.  But even with a lot of pieces this is an easy to sew pattern.  When I start with a new pattern, I do 1 block first. This helps to make sure I have all my seam allowances perfect and then I can continue on with the rest of the blocks.

The process I use is to cut at all pieces and label them.   Once all are cut then I can start sewing.   I organize them in the way I will stitch them then I can chain piece, clip threads, and chain press.  So, if I have 20 minutes I may chain piece.   Then next time I will clip and then press.  Before long I have my blocks ready to put together.

This is also an easy quilt to hand piece, if you like to have a portable, on the go, project.

Daddy knew the quilt was coming.  He looked at layouts with me.  Mommy was surprised with it and it is loved by all.

This quilt was quilted with a leaf and loop design using glide thread in a grey color.  Glide is made by Fil- tec www.habanddash.comand the one I used was a 40 at polyester thread.  I love this thread as it has a beautiful sheen to it.   I purchased mine through

This was fun to do and I will definitely do this one again.

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Friday, December 13, 2019

How to prep tour machine and getting started with free motion quilting

On Wednesday I shared how to prepare for free motion quilting.   Today, I want to share how to get your machine ready and get started with free motion quilting.

Before we go too far though, let me share a few goals with you.   I would love to have a business of quilting for others.  That may be a ways in the future though.  I would also like to make quilts from start to finish and sell them.  That may also be a ways in the future.  I would also like to teach some quilting classes.   Teach how to make a quilt and then teach how to machine quilt.   I love to share the joy of quilting with others.

Now back to the reason for the post.

One question that seems to come up a lot is do I need an expensive machine to free motion.  No.  Any machine that can have the feed dogs drop works great.  You can even cover the feed dogs.

What else do I need?
A free motion quilting foot.  Usually you can find one from your manufacturer.  I like the ones that are spring loaded and hop as you are sewing. 

You may also get a ruler foot for your machine.  I have requested one for Christmas.

Then you need scissors, thread -  my choice is glide thread by I can't get it locally so I order through the mail.  One of the places I order from is  they have some of the best prices.

And you need a quilt sandwhich.  For practice this could be a layer of muslin, batting and then another layer of muslin.

Now you need to set up your machine.

First thing you need to do is drop your feed dogs.   I use a juki tl98q and I have a little switch that I turn.

This is the lever or switch I use to drop my feed dogs

Then turn your stitch length to "0".   You will be controlling the length of your stitch with how fast you move your hands and fabric.   I will tell you that this will take practice.

Stitch length is set to "0"

The more you practice, the easier it will become for you.

Remember the sketchbook idea I shared with you?   Start by drawing loop de loops, or "l's"   and "e's".

L's and E's sketching practice

Loop de loops practice

I hope these posts are helpful for those of you who want to learn free motion quilting.

For those of you who want to learn to quilt what things would you like to learn? Let me know in the comments, please.