Monday, July 29, 2019

Christmas Collection blog hop - Jingle bell quilt and giveaway

Hi everyone,

Today is my day to share on the Christmas Collection blog hop hosted by Nancy of  I am excited that Nancy let me join.  I appreciate that Nancy provided each of us with a copy of the pattern for our use in this blog hop.

When Nancy first announced the hop, I immediately knew which quilt I wanted to do.   I love bells.  In fact, i love everything about Christmas.  I  chose to work on the  Jingle Bells quilt.

My original plan was that I would have 2 or 3 almost done, 1 of which was in wedding colors for a cousin, but they called it off.  I thought it would be great to do the bells in a glittery white.  Of course, it would be cute to do a quilt in Christmas colors and the bells in a glittery white.

One of the things I like to do when starting a new quilt is to make up a few blocks for a few reasons:

It lets me check that everything I am doing is accurate.  Are my seams where they need to be?  Did the block finish to the right size? It also helps me to know if the directions are well written and understandable.  These directions are very well written.

I can do 1 block and quilt it up and use it for a hot pad.  In fact, I can do several and have them ready for gifts. Just make sure to piece and quilt with 100% cotton thread.

I can put 1 or more together, depending on size of blocks and make some great throw pillow covers to use for decorating, and I have a great tutorial here

Do I like my fabric choices?  Do they work well together?

Practice blocks for quilting designs.

I put 4 blocks together and this will be a perfect size, after adding a border to make a doll quilt.  And when you have 3 granddaughters  (soon to be 4), it makes great gifts.  It also lets you test your quilting designs.

The colors I have chosen for my quilt are: (my hubby picked out the green and the red for me)

green with gold sparkles

Red with gold stars

The gold is called turmeric and is part of the Northccott colorworks collection.

You can see the great solids in this collection by going here then scroll down to find color 551.

The white is a wide backing that I found at my local Joanns fabrics.

So, I still need to finish my quilt.  I want to do the applique by hand, but that may take a while, so I will probably do it on my machine.  I am piecing it with aurifil thread, 50 wt color 2024.  You can check them out at

For the quilting I will go to my go to quilting thread of glide.  I love the sheen that it gives you.

You can get this downloadable book from Amazon and here is the link  and yes I did say downloadable, which means you will get it right away.  That way, you can start on a Christmas quilt right away.

Be sure to go to Nancy's blog and enter to win one of 3 patterns for this quilt.  If you don't win and would like this pattern, then you can go here to purchase it

I would love to hear from you and I would love to do a giveaway of my own.   I would like to make a pillow cover or a doll quilt to give away.  Leave a comment and which one you would prefer and the winner will get their choice.  Be sure I have your email address so I can reach you.   This contest will end at 11:50 pm on August 4th. Due to shipping costs, my giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Christmas in July - 12 days of Christmas

Wow!!!! It is hard to believe we are in July and down to 5 months before Christmas. 

Welcome to my day on the 12 days of Christmas blog hop hosted by Sarah of

Today I am going to share a fun throw pillow with an envelope back.  This is very easy to do.

I love these pillow covers and the best thing is I can have just a few pillow forms and lots of covers.  The covers are easy to store.

Materials for a 12 inch pillow cover:
12 inch pillow form
12 1/2" square of fabric
2 8" x 12 1/2" rectangles of contrast fabric

Take the 2 rectangles and press over 1/4"  along 1 long edge of each rectangle then fold a 1/4" over again (so you have a double hem) and stitch.

Take your 12 1/2" square and put the fabrics right sides together, your hems will be in the middle of the square and will be overlapping.

  Put some pins in to hold in place and stitch with a 1/4" seam all the way around.   Clip the corners, do a quick press and turn right side out and stuff your pillow form into the pillow cover.

You can make a 12 1/2" quilt block if you want to use that as well.

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There is a great giveaway for a fat quarter bundle from Figo Fabrics for their new Christmas line Wintertide.  You can enter that below.  Please make sure that you scroll to find the submit pattern on the entry form.

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Make a list Monday 6/24/19

Hi and welcome to make a list Monday.

I am trying to get better at making a list and setting goals to make it achievable.  I tend to think I am wonder woman and I can get more done than I really can.   So this week I am going to keep it small.   I have some things I am working on with deadlines, so they are most important.

These are not listed in any specific order.

1.  Work on my project for  the blog hop with  Nancy has a fun new book out that is full of Christmas favorites.   I will be posting on July 29th.    I will be sharing updates on my Facebook page at and Instagram at, so please follow me there. 

2.  Work on this quilt that I have had going for quite sometime.  This quilt is called Bright Blocks and is from the pattern Triple Play by   unfortunately, I think this may be a pattern that she retired.

3.  Cut out at least 1/2 of this quilt.  This is going to be the Bjorn bear quilt by Elizabeth Hartman  I am doing this in pinks, purples, yellows, light green and whatever else I come up with.  I may be making 3 of these, I have not decided.  I also need to decide on a background color.

4.  Work on quilting this quilt and cut out another one.  I want to do 1 in really bright colors for a baby  quilt.  Maybe 2 as I could do a boy one and a girl one.  Yes, I have friends having babies and would love to have quilts ready for them.  This is the Strata pattern from and this pattern works up fairly fast.

5.  Continue quilting this quilt.

6.  Cut out some cute little dresses for friends and a daughter who are having girls in the next few months.

Well, I have my work cut out for me.   I just need to sit down and make smaller goals to reach the bigger goals, and list the steps I will take.

I will be sharing updates of all of these quilts on my Facebook at and Instagram at  I would love if you would join me there.

See you soon and thanks for joining me.  I would love to hear what you are working on this week.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Make a list Monday 5-27-19

So, I am a day late in getting this posted.  Oh well, life goes on.

It has been a while since I have posted.  But let's see what I am going to work on this week, shall we?

1.  I need to get these 2 blocks finished for a swap.  These are granny square blocks.

2.  Bind this little mini quilt for a wall hanging for 1 grandson.

3.  Work on quilting this quilt.  This is a quilt for my daughter and her hubby.

4.  Finish organizing all my fabric and yarn.  This should be at the top of my list.

5.  Continue working on some quilts I am doing for charity.

6.  If time permits, cut out 2 baby quilts for friends having babies.  I know I am doing this quilt for  1 of them.  1 is having a girl and 1 is having a boy.

7.  Make bread for the week.  Maybe even make some tortillas.

8.  Work on altering  a dress for a friend.

So it. Will be a busy week.  It just depends how things go as to what I can get done.

What are you working on this week?

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Christmas Rapping blog hop


Welcome to my day on the Christmas Rapping blog hop.  No, I am not here to rap Christmas songs, but to share a fun book with you. This book was co authored by Margaret Willingham of  and Nan Baker of  I appreciate them letting me join in on their blog hop.  I also appreciate them providing a digital copy of the book for me to review and work from.

The RAPPing stands for Reverse Applique and Paper Piecing. The projects in this book use both of these methods, and they give you instructions on how to do them.  The reverse applique can be done either by hand or machine.  I have been doing by hand, as I can take it places and work on it. I do want to try the machine reverse applique.

This hop is sponsored by, and, who so graciously provided the bloggers with supplies. They are greatly appreciated.

I am going to share just a few of my favorite projects from the book.  One of the things I like is that some of these projects can be made from fabrics for different seasons.   I want to do all of these projects.

I have been working on this project.  Due to crazy long hours I am not making much progress.   I do hope to have it done by the end of the hop to be able to share it with you.

These are some of the fabrics that I am using for my table runner

You can order a copy of the book here

Be sure to enter to win some fabric and thread.  2 winners will get 1 fat quarter bundle of 9 fabrics and 3 aurifil threads.  Open to U.S. residents only.

Thank you for joining me today. I will share my project as soon as it is finished.

Monday, April 22, 2019

The diamond star wallhanging

Today is my stop on the Be A Diamond blog hop, hosted by Carol @   I am so glad Carol let me join.

For this hop we were to add a diamond to project or make a project with a diamond.   I found a few quilts I wanted to do with diamonds, and chose to do this one.  I decided first to make some of the blocks, then decided due to time constraints that I would make a wall hanging.   The diamonds for this project were cut at 45 degree angles.  It is a fun project to do.

This will be for 2 grandsons for their bedroom.  The 4 year old wants his bedroom in blue.  In fact, if I make him something he wants blue.  So I think I have accomplished that task.

Quilting this was fun.  Over the last several months I have been joining Angela Walters at for her free motion quilting challenge.   It has been fun.  So, in the diamonds nd trianlgles I did dot to dot quilting.  In the squares I did a design called back and forth.  In the  blue and white border I did wishbone and in the outer border I did a wavy, wavy design.  All of the quilting was done free hand, meaning I did not use a computer.   The thread used was glide by and color is Azure.  Glide is my go to thread for quilting.  I love the sheen.

I have block pieces cut, and will be working on getting a quilt done for his new bedroom.

  Actually, I need to make 2.  The 2 year old agrees to blue, but he wants trains.  I will be on the lookout for fabrics with trains for him.

Now, let me just say that none of my grandkids are spoilt.  Geandma just likes to do things for them.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Make a list Monday 4-15-19

So, it has been a while since I have done my make a list Monday post.  I really like to have a list to keep me on track.

Before I shareally my list of what I want to do this week, I want to share some tips with you.  Tips that I wish I had started doing long ago.

I am not an organized person, although I love things organized.  So, I am now trying to turn over a new leaf.  I will write a post on how I organized my sewing room later this week.  I have some fun ideas to share.

Now for this week's list.  These are not in any specific order. I do work full time, so I try not to overwhelm myself.

1.  Finish quilting this quilt and get it bound.

2.  Make this top for myself. I will be doing view B.  Hope to get it done by Wednesday so I can wear it to dinner.

3.  Easter outfits.  This is fabric for 3 Easter dresses.  I want to do something fun for the boys.  These are for grandkids.

4.  Keep working on my 4 patch quilt for hands 2 help.  If you want more information check out Sarah''s blog at

5.  Try to finish quilting this quilt.

6.  Keep organizing the sewing room.  It is almost done.

7.   Finish this project for a blog hop for Monday the 22nd.  I had spaced it.   I really need to be using a planner, I think.

I will share a post on Friday about how I organized my sewing room.  I have some fun ideas to share. 

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