Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Juliet Leotard by Petite Stitchery

One of my goals this year, is to try some new things, and be able to learn new techniques. (This post may contain affiliate links. No extra cost to you, just a proceed of the sales, to help me buy more fabric, and share more makes with you.)

One of the things I decided to try was testing a leotard pattern.   This was fun to do. I have a granddaughter in dance and 1 in gymnastics and I thought they could use a new leotard.

I sent this to work with grandpa and my daughter and her kids went to pick it up. My granddaughter was ecstatic. She put it on as soon as she got home and her little brother (3 years old) said she looked beautiful.

I asked my granddaughter to share her thoughts with me on the leotards and here is what she said:
"It's purple and a little tiny bit sparkly. It's pretty and comfy and fun to wear. It's my favorite leotard. I really want to wear it to dance."

I told my daughter that I am pretty lucky to have the grandkids I do, because, they love the things grandma makes them.

About the pattern:  the pattern is very well written. It is a pdf pattern, and I love them. I get a really great fit with these patterns.  This pattern comes in baby and girl sizes.  Baby sizes are newborn to 24 months and you can get that pattern here
And the girls sizes go from 2T -12.   You can get that one here

The Fabric: I am not sure what the fabric is. I know it is a 4 way stretch and I got thumbs up because it is purple. Anything made with purple or yellow gets me a thumbs up.  I got the fabric from "The Cotton Shops" in Sandy, Utah.  They also have a location in Murray, Utah as well as Provo, Utah.

Well, off to make a few more of these for my granddaughters, including some for the newborn.

So do you have a dancer or gymnast? What color would you make for them? I would love to hear your comments.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Oh Sew Kat doll clothes blog tour Sugar and Spice

So, when your sweet granddaughter mentions to you that Abby (her doll) needs more clothes, you just get down to your sewing room and make them, right?  I do.

Hi. Welcome to my day on the "Oh Sew Kat" blog tour featuring patterns for 18 inch dolls. These clothes are so  fun and easy to sew.  This blog tour is sponsored by "Oh Sew Kat" and Seams Sew Lo. I appreciate them letting me be a part of this blog tour.   Please excuse the way my doll looks. She belongs to one of my daughter's and was loved and slept with.

I chose the pattern called "Sugar and Spice and everything nice". Of course that is what little girls are made of, right.

This dress only has 4 pieces, but there are other pieces that you can use to make more items. The dresses close with Velcro in the back.

I love these 18 inch dolls. They are fun to dress.

There are so many more fun clothes coming. Please check out my fellow bloggers and see what they have made. Also, be sure to enter the giveaway.
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    Sunday, December 31, 2017

    2018 quilting plans

     I have a couple of things I want to work on this year, related to quilting. 1 is to get better at quilting and the other is to finish the projects I have started.

    The only way I know of to get better at doing something is a "p" word repeated several times. That word is PRACTICE.  Now to practice, you need some projects. Believe me when I say there are no shortages of projects in my sewing room.  By the time I get those projects quilted, I should be pretty darned good.

    What I need to do is take inventory of what I have, make a list and include whow the quilt is for. I know I have quilts for my kids that should have been done for weddings, quilts for friends that were meant for weddings and quilts planned for grandkids.

    Knowing this, I probably should not start new quilts. But I love to test quilt patterns for designers. So, I will probably do some testing, but learn to not do every test I see.

    As I get quilts done, I will definitely share here on my blog. As I quickly count on my fingers, I have at least 12 waiting for me. I get easily distracted. I see something new I want to try.

    This year, I am going to make a plan. I am going to focus on the task at hand and I am going to set aside blocks of time for working on my projects.  I also need to plan menus ahead of time, so that I can allow myself more time for projects.

    So, with all that being said, I want to wish you a happy 2018, and I need to go down and get a quilt started. I have a granddaughter due on Jan. 2nd, and of all the quilts in my sewing room, none of them are for a little girl.

    What fun things are you working on? I love comments.
    2018 Planning Party  

    My sewing goals and challenges for 2018

    I love to learn and improve and i love challenges. So, for 2018 I have decided to do just that.   I have found some fun challenges that i think will help me to learn and grow as a seamstress.

    The first challenge is a 52 week sewing challenge.  For this one, we have a different challenge each week. This will be fun. I will be making things for my kids, grandkids and myself.  So for week 1, we sew something warm. Thinking I will go with a fleece jacket for some grandkids.

    The next one I am doing is a monthly sew a long challenge. For this one they give us a monthly theme and we sew whatever fits into that theme. So for January it is a coat, jacket, or poncho. I already have ideas for this.  The think with this one, is having a whole month, so if I want to tackle a coat or suit jacket, I feel like it is doable.

    The next challenge is the "who made it best?" Challenge. For this one, we have quite a few and have shared what types of things we would like to do, then we team up with each other. We set our date to be done between each other. I like this one, as we can spread things out if need be.

    For learning, but all of the above are learning as well, I am following a book called Design it yourself clothes. This book will take me through the process of drafting clothes, something I have always wanted to learn.

    Blog hops.

    I have a monthly blog hop that I will be doing. Sometimes it will be something that works from 1 of my challenges, sometimes it will be something different.

    I will also be doing additional hops throughout the year.

    I love testing patterns for designers. I will also be signing up for some of those. Through testing, I can also learn new techniques, because testers are usually in a separate group, and we share techniques with each other.

    The Plan
    I know I have a lot going on, but I have decided the best way to accomplish these goals is to develop a plan. I will do cutting in advance, probably on a Saturday evening or Sunday evening.  I have put all of my events for January on 2 different calendars in my electronic devices  and will be putting them on a calendar that will be above my sewing machine.

    I need to now decide how often I want to blog about these things. I am trying to decide if for the 52 week challenge, I should post weekly showing each newly completed item or if I want to do it at the end of each month.  As a reader, what do you prefer?  Please leave a comment below.

    Oh, and future posts will have pictures.

    Saturday, December 30, 2017

    CELEBRATE December blog tour

    Today is my turn on the Celebrate blog tour hosted by Sewing by Ti blog tours. I am glad I found this group. As I thought about celebrations, I decided to go with  the idea of sharing some of my favorite makes this year.

    DISCLAIMER: This post will have both quilting and sewing related items, and there may be some affiliate links. The affiliate links, if you choose to use them, do not affect the cost of what you may buy, but they help me earn a bit of fun money.  Now on to the fun stuff. These are in no particular order.

    This is the sweetie dress from Ellie and Mac. I was able to test this pattern and I must say, it fit my granddaughter perfectly  and she loved it. It has the twirl factor that I think all little girls love. You can read my post about this here.   You can buy the pattern by following this link

    Next up is the throw pillow and pillow sham that I made when doing a book tour with Christa  My fabric was provided by  and is from the Drizzle collection.   I appreciate them doing this for me.  This was a fun one to do, and I have a quilt underway to match it. If you would like to read more about this quilt, you can do so here.

    I love these Lulu Dolman I made for a mommy and me blog hop that was hosted by Lo over at and you can read about these here. The patterns for these was furnished by and the cute snowflake fabric is from Elevated Fashion Fabrics.

    I had so much fun making these things as well as more. And best thing is next year, there will be even more fabulous makes. I have so many things I want to do. So, I am going to say goodbye for now, but first I want to ask you which of these are your favorites, or what was the favorite thing you made this year?

    Now, to get sewing. I have clothes and quilts to make. Grandbaby 6 is due on January 2nd, and that will give us 3 of each.

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    Thursday, December 28, 2017

    TGIFF - December 29. 2017

    Today is my turn to host TGIFF. If you are new to TGIFF it stands for Thank goodness its finally finished. Today I am featuring a quilt that I did the quilting on for a co-worker. She had a grandbaby born in August, and she appliqued this darling quilt and asked me to quilt it.
    In keeping with her applique of golf items, I free hand quilted golf clubs, flags, and balls. She was so excited the day I took it to her at work. She said all of her family loved this quilt.
    I had fun doing it.

    What are some of your recent Finishes?  Please link up below. 

    New Year New Sew- sewing by Ti blog hop - Tie Dye Diva East Coast cardi

    Today is my turn on the New Year New Sew sewing by Ti blog hop. It was suggested that we sew something we had never sewn before.

    I chose this cute bolero by Tie Dye Diva designs. The pattern is East Coast Cardi and the fabric is a piece of t-shirt knit from my stash.   This pattern is done so that you can put buttons or snaps on, a ribbon tie, or a little knot tie at the bottom. Or you can do as I did and not add ties or buttons.

    I wanted to have my granddaughter model this, but they went on vacation and got stuck due to car problems.  Good thing my son in law works from home, and they homeschool because they couldn't make it home.

    This is a very easy pattern, and quick to sew. I want to do one with stretch velvet.

    Also, you will want to follow my blog, if you enjoy sewing and seeing what I am sharing. I became a grandma for the 6th time yesterday and it is a 3rd granddaughter,  so I will be making a lot of cute things with ruffles and lace.

    Please check out these bloggers and see what they are doing. Lots of great New Sews for a new year.
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