Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop

Hi, welcome to my day on the Quilt Qwazy Queens  blog hop.  Every year for National quilting day, Marian at www.seamstobesew.com, hosts this fun hop.

This year we are to share our kind of crazy.  I wasn't sure what to share.  I have never really done much of what I consider crazy.  Well, yeah, there is my fabric stash, between 3 rooms and the carport, due to a sewage flood we had, but I didn't want to share that.

Then I looked at some pictures and realized I do have some crazy to share.  My crazy is my quilting.  I have done some fun things and my goal with this is to inspire you to give these things a try.

When I first started machine  quilting, I did so on my domestic machine, a Viking Lily 550.  I am sharing this table runner, to show you how big my stitches were.

Then I decided I wanted frames.  I bought a used grace frame for about $100.  I got it set up and it was a bit hard to guide the machine, but it did get a little better with practice.  Right now, it is in the carport, again due to the above mentioned flood.  Unfortunately,  due to the remodeling and some changes we are making to what was my sewing room, I don't have a place to set it up, so I am back to my domestic machine, this time a Juki tl98q.

One of the projects I did on my frames was this tardis quilt for a son in law.  Now, all I knew is this was from Dr. Who.  So my daughter explained to me, that this floats down from the sky, so crazy me decided I needed to quilt stars around this quilt, but they had to shine.  So, I decided to use metallic thread.  Remember, this was when I didn't know a lot about quilting  by machine, but through trial and error, I figured it out.  It was fun.  He actually needs it longer, so I am going to make a new one. My little grandson loves the Quilt, so I will make a new one for my son in law and my grandson will get the old one.

This is a fun quilt, I can't show the whole quilt as it has not been gifted yet.  But this has been a learning experience for me.  I started it on the frame, then decided to finish it on my Juki tl98q , off of the frame.  The best thing is, is that I can feel my free motion quilting is really improving.

This one was fun in that I backed it with fleece.  I also tried quilting stars.  This quilt will be called Puff the Magic dragon and is for a grandson.  I will share a full picture of the Quilt when I gift it to him.

I hope you are inspired to try some of your ideas you may have in quilting.

Please join the other bloggers for today, and check out all the bloggers for this hop on Marian's blog at www.seamstobesew.comand be sure to enter the contest. 

Today's bloggers are:
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs at www.ecoughlindesigns.blogspot.com

The drawing is for a $35.00 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop and 2 winners will be chosen.

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hands 2 help comfort quilts.

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict
 Today, I want to share with you about a special project that I am taking part in.  Those of you that know me personally, knows that I love to do for others. It is just me. Something I have always done.  So when I met Sarah, through blogging, and I learned what she does, I felt I had found a lifelong friend. We still have to meet in person.

So, I want to share with you a bit about Sarah.  Sarah does charity or comfort quilts. 1 time a year, she hosts on her blog a program to give quilts to different charities.  This year she is helping out 5 charities, and one just happens to be in my neck of the woods.  I will get to that in a few minutes.

Scraps to become a quilt

So through her blog, Sarah does a fun event called Hands2Help.  Quilters from all over donate quilts to the different charities.  How awesome is that?  But Sarah doesn't just do it once a year.  She does it all the time.  You see, Sarah heads up the quilt ministry at her church.  They donate quilts to people who are in need of them.   You can get more info about the hands2help event from Sarah's blog at http://confessionsofafabricaddict.blogspot.com/2019/03/hands2help-2019-its-signup-week-with.html?m=1.

Now, remember I told you about a place in my neck of the woods?  We have a very great hospital here in Utah, that serves children.  It is Primary Children's hospital.  And as I type this, I am teary eyed.  You see, just 2 short years ago, my little grandson was there.  His mommy had just had a baby, and my grandson complained that his legs hurt and he couldn't walk. At first, we thought, oh, he just wants to be carried.  No, something deeper was wrong.  They took him to the pediatrician and they told them to get him to Primary Childrens.  The doctor office had called ahead of time and told the hospital they were taking him up there.  Turns out it was some kind of a viral thing called post viral ataxia, and he was there for a couple of days.  They gave him his very own quilt, that he fell in love with.  I share this story, because I think it is awesome that this hospital gives out quilts to their patients.   You see, quilts are a comfort.  This year, I am joining get the hands2help event, and even if I only make 1 quilt, that helps.  But I am hoping to make a few.  It just depends what life throws my way.

This will be a rail fence quilt

I have also had friends who have had children that have had to go there for various reasons.  So through doing some quilts I hope to give at least a bit of comfort to a child and a family.
Another rail fence quilt

Would you like to help.  Check out Sarah'so blog at http://confessionsofafabricaddict.blogspot.com/2019/03/hands2help-2019-its-signup-week-with.html?m=1.  I have a huge amount of scraps that are going to make some fun quilts for the children at Primary Childrens hospital.  I hope you will join me in this effort.  If you live close to me and want to piece a top, I will gladly quilt it and get it delivered for you.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Welcome to March.   This month's color challenge is Navy Blue.  Navy is such a fun color to work with.  I love to use it in sashings and borders to make other colors pop.

 This is a fun block to make and really does go very quickly.

 You can get this month's block by going to www.patternsbyjen.blogspot.com.  I love the blocks that Jen is doing. So many fun colors this year.

I will be making the entire set of blocks, and I will be sharing the finished quilt next January .  Please follow my blog, so you don't miss a single month of blockscheck out this month's bloggers to see the blocks they made.  They are:

Jen patternsbyjen.blogspot.com

Katie sewingwithkatie.blogspot.com

Joanne joanne-everyonedeservesaquilt.blogspot.com

Mona kywhittakercreations.blogspot.com

Nancy masterpiecequilting.blogspot.com

Sheila sothisiskentucky.blogspot.com

Sorry my post is up late, but I inadvertently left my tablet at work last night and that is where everything is.

Friday, February 22, 2019


Today is my day to share, for the dust off an old book hop hosted by Bea @ www.beaquilter.com.  I was excited to see this hop as i have a collection of books and magazines I want to make things from.

I am actually going to share 2 projects.  The first is 1 from a book called Curiosities and Mischief by Nancy Halvorsen @ www.arttoheart.com.  I love Nancy's  books.  She has so many fun ideas.  When I first saw this book, I knew I had to get it, because the grandkids that she features in it, just so happens to live around the corner from me, and I love them.  Good reason to buy a book, right?  That is a reason, but I loved the projects in this book.

The project I am working on is a butterfly.  She has it on a pillow,  but I am going to use it as a wall hanging.   I had planned to get it all done, but I got kind of busy this month, with doing things in the basement, almost finished with the remodel, and I was sick and in bed for the first week of the month, and then crazy overtime at work.  Not complaining, just saying life happens.
I am doing hand applique, which I really love to do.  When I get this done, I want to make some more and turn it into a fun butterfly quilt.

The 2nd project is quilting.  I have this book called 501 quilting motifs.  It is a fun book and for this quilt , I found some fun quilting designs that I used. This one is loopy stars.  Not great at it, but I will keep practicing.

Please check out all the other bloggers who have posted this week.  Next month I have 2 more blog hops, and I will make sure those projects are complete.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Show your wings blog hop

As soon as I heard what the theme was for the Show Your Wings blog hop, hosted by Carol at www.justletmequilt.com, I knew what I wanted to do.  I love flying geese.  I always have bigger plans than I really have time for, and this time was no different, but I had almost a week where I did nothing as I was down in bed.  I am feeling better now.

I love mini quilts, but I really prefer bed size quilts, as does my hubby.  So I looked at 2 patterns I wanted to do.  Both were in quiltmaker magazine and both were ones I wanted to do.  I have decided to combine the two. 

One was Sew Many Geese and the other was Garden Geese.

I got all my pieces for the geese cut,  and started putting them together and I realized that I cut them wrong.  I had mixed up my pieces.  Oh well.  It happens and thank goodness I see Canadian geese a lot, so they are Canadian geese as they are white.

I love to go outside and watch the geese flying over.

Because of time restraints I made the throw pillow first.

 With all of my quilts, depending on size, I want to do a throw pillow, pillow shams and a quilt.

I do have pieces cut for the quilt, and I will share that as soon as it is done.   So, what I will be doing on the quilt, is long rows of geese, and on my sashing strips, I will do the flowers.
Stack of geese ready for the quilt

Marking and cutting bias strips for the stems for the quilt

One day, I will make both of these quilts, but for now I will combine the 2.

I would love for you to visit the other bloggers on this hop as well.  And thank you Carol for such a fun hop.  Now to get my project done for Friday's hop and work on the ones for next month.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Learn how to English Paper Piece part 2 - A fun wall habging

Last week, I shared about a new book on English Paper Piecing.  You can read that here https://kathyskwiltsandmore.blogspot.com/2019/02/learn-how-to-english-paper-piece-review.html

I enjoy English Paper Piecing  and I hope you will give it a try.

I needed a fun gift for a swap that I was participating in, and the partner I was given likes EPP. So, I thought why not make her something with EPP.   As I was  going through things, I found some hexies, that I had thread basted and had started sewing together.  Just a note, when you start going through quilting and sewing stuff, you don't always know what you will find.

I really liked the Grandmother's Flower patch quilt that Carolina shared in her book.  I decided it would be fun to make 1 block from that quilt and make it a throw pillow.   Well, it became a wall hanging instead.  I got carried away, was excited to quilt, and forgot to make marks as to where to stop quilting.  However, it turned into a very fun wall hanging.

So, I made the one block and pressed and starched it.  Then I put quilting adhesive on the back, just a little to stick it in place.  I then used my blanket stitch on my Lily 550 to applique it.  I needed to get it done fast, otherwise, I would do a blanket stitch by hand.

Then for quilting I decided to do feathers and curls.   I should have probably done some fillers between the feathers to make them pop.  I will do that next time.    It feels great to have another finished project.

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Make a list Monday 2 -11-19

Wow, is it really Monday?  It is, and it is also my sweet father in laws birthday.  Dad I love you and I miss you.  I can't believe you have been gone almost 8 years.  Mom has been gone 2 years this coming Saturday.  I love and miss you both.

Now on to my list for this week.   This week has me working on projects for some upcoming blog hops.

1.  This is for my blog hop next Monday with Carol at www.justletmequilt.com for the Show Your Wings hop.  I have a ton of flying geese to make.

2.  This one is for the Dust Off an old book hop, hosted by Bea @ www.beaquilter.com.  I share my project on the 22nd.

 I have some quilts I need to get quilted as well.

 3. This one is from the black and white quilt hop.

 4. These 2 are for a charity called heart builders which is a group from  www.cottoncuts.com.

 5. Then I need to work on organizing my sewing stuff.   This will be  never ending job, until I get moved into the sewing room.

6.  Then there will be painting to do.  1 room is painted.  After all the painting is done,  then we need to do flooring, then we can move things in.

7.  My daughter has requested dresses for her daughter.  Maybe I can find time to work on those.

So, it seems like a lot, but my geese I can hand stitch during lunch and work on them after work.  The project I am hand appliqueing, I can also work on at lunch time, and when I want to watch tv with my hubby.

So, I want to know what you are working on this week?

Thursday, February 7, 2019

TGIFFRIDAY 2 - 8 -19

I am not so sure I have grown up, or maybe I am just a kid at heart.  But I am excited to share my latest quilt finish with you.  To do this quilt, I had to go deep into the hundred acre woods.  I had to meet Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga, Roo, Tigger (I love Tigger so much), Christopher Robin,

 but most of all the bear so full of fluff . . .
Winnie the Pooh Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff He's Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh Willy nilly silly old bear.

Yes, my latest finish is a Winnie The Pooh quilt.

I started this a while ago, and I don't remember the pattern I used. All I can remember is the block came from a magazine. Then I figured out the rest. The binding was done y hand, which is my favorite way to bind.

My grandson who is 4 has now requested a Winnie the Pooh quilt. Guess I need to find fabric.

I would love to see what you are working on. Please link up below.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Learn how to English Paper Piece - review and project and giveaway

Hi readers,

Welcome to all, my regular readers and my new readers.  Today is my turn to share about this great New book by Carolina at www.alwaysexpectmoore.com.  Carolina is a crafter, author, and quilter.  This new book of hers is so fun.

I love to have portable projects.  I take them everywhere with me, and I love to do EPP (English Paper Piecing), so when the opportunity came to review this book on my blog, I jumped at the chance.

Carolina gives you tips on basting, either glue or thread, stitching and how to do diamonds.  Diamonds is one I have not tried yet.  After reading her tips, I am going to try the diamond projects.

In her book she has patterns for 10 projects.
* hexie pillow - my current project
* zippered pouch - my next project
* Mason jar drawstring pouch
* pillowcase dress
* hexie placemats
* Grandmother's Flower patch quilt - a future project
* tech pouch
* diamond tote - a future project
* fussy cut coasters
* Dream Catchers

I want to do all of these projects.  One of the things I like about these projects is that they can be made from scraps.  I cut strips from fat quarters that I had in my stash.  My goal is to use what I can from my stash for the next little while.

I am currently working on the Hexie pillow, and the fabrics are from my stash and are mostly Moda.

This has been a great project for me, as I was recently diagnosed with BPPV, a form of vertigo and I was told I needed to rest.  Now if only I didn't sleep so much.    I will do a blog post of the finished project, so look for "How to EPP part 2."

Are you ready to learn this fun craft?  The book is available through www.nancysnotions.com, here is the link for the Book https://www.nancysnotions.com/learn-how-to-english-paper-piece-book.htm and a starter kit https://www.nancysnotions.com/learn-how-to-english-paper-piece-starter-set.html

I would like to thank Www.nancysnotions.com for supplying the Book for me to review and Carolina at www.alwaysexpectmoore.com for this opportunity to share her book with you.

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Now, for the fun part.  I love giveaways, don't you?  So here is a fun giveaway and it is easy.  Just leave a comment about whether you would like to do a hexie project, or a diamond one.   I will choose 1 winner to receive a bag of epp papers.  There may also be other little goodies as well. This is good only for U.S. (due to shipping costs).

Thursday, January 31, 2019

2019 Monthly color challenge February

I am excited to be here today. I am blogging about February's block with patterns by Jen @ www.patternsbyjen.blogspot.com.  The pattern is free and you can get it from Jen at www.patternsbyjen.blogspot.com

It is super easy to make these blocks, and they go together super quick. I have used her patterns before, I have been a tester on some, and she writes very clear instructions, easy to understand.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Make a list Monday 1-28-19

Wow!!! It is Monday already.  I am working on my list for the week, and I have some things I need to focus on.  If you read Saturdays post of things coming up, you know there is a lot going on.  So, let's get going here.

1.  I need to get my block made for the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge with Jen at www.patternsbyjen.blogspot.com.  I actually need to get my January block done and my February block done.  I will be sharing February's block on Friday, February 1st.

2.  These 2 quilts are waiting for binding.  Binding is cut for 1 of them.

3.  Get my 16 patch block done for the hand piecing quilt along hosted by the lovely ladies at www.elmstreetquilts.com

4.  Try to get my One Monthly Goal done also hosted by elm street quilts.

5.  Work on my project for the EPP book hop hosted by Carolina at www.alwaysexpectmoore.com.  It really is going well.

6.  Work on the  project for the Show Your Wings blog hop.  I haven't decided if this will be a bed size quilt, or a pillow case or throw pillow.  I may even make it a dresser scarf and then do the quilt later.  It will depends on the time that I have.

7.  Work on the project for the Dust Off a quilt book hop.  I haven't decided if this will be a bed size quilt, or a pillow case or throw pillow.  I may even make it a dresser scarf and then do the quilt later.  It will depends on the time that I have. 

8.  If time, quilt 1 of these quilts.

Of course, I always have some hand piecing to work on.  Some of these items can also be hand pieced, so I will be taking some of them to work and working on them during my lunch break.

And there may be some walls in the basement needing priming.  The first 5 items are really my focus.  The others will come if time permits.   I also work full time outside the home, so that makes for fun times trying to do everything I want to do.   I do try to sew for at least an hour each day.  It really depends what time i get off of work.  Sometimes i come home very exhausted and have to force myself to sew.

 I would love to hear what you are working on this week.