Sunday, August 12, 2018

The comfy quilt

This quilt is so comfy, and it was fun to quilt.

 My friend/client made it with a kit bought at one of our local quilt shops.  Then she purchased minky to go on the back.

I have quit listening to the naysayers. People have told me not to quilt with minky, as it is stretchy and hard to work with. NOT!!! It was great quilting with this. The couple of issues I had were my own issues.  Once I got going, it quilted as smooth as butter.

The design that I quilted on it was meandering loops. I love doing loops.

Would I quilt with minky again?  Oh yes. I have used fleece on the back of quilts and they quilt beautifully.   I did learn some things after quilting this quilt that I will apply from here on out.

I want to be the best quilter that I can. 1 goal I have is to quilt for others on a regular basis. To do that, I have to practice.

And there are more things coming up this next week to give me that practice.


  1. Good for you, stepping outside the box! I have friends who quilt for me and they don't have a problem with quilting with minky either! That quilts looks like a huggable one!

  2. Great job quilting! I've never used minky though I have used fleece lots of times. It makes a cozy side to go with a smooth side!

  3. I commend you for quilting with Minky! I have not yet tried it, but I know many like it. Did you use a batting too?