Monday, August 27, 2018

Make a list Monday

Welcome to another edition of make a list Monday.  I have a long list of things I need to do in the quilting arena this week. There is more on this list than I know I will get done, but that is okay. I will do what I can.

I do have to say I am a starter, but not always a finisher.  I see too many things that I like and want to do. I just need to make a list, but I like having different things to work on.

So here goes the list, in no particular order.

1.  This quilt is called Luminous, and it is for my youngest granddaughter.  I am hoping to get it quilted this week.

2.  This is a quilt I am working on for 1 granddaughter. I have chosen some favorite colors of hers for this quilt.

3.  This is 1 of 2 squiggles quilts I am working on.  I love this pattern from the book Piece and Quilt with precuts by Christa at  I love this pattern.

4.  This quilt is for a grandson due next month. I know how I want to quilt it, but have not decided what to back it with.

5.  This is the Strata quilt, by Tammy at  I had started quilting it, but wasn't happy with it, so I am unpicking it.

6.  Then these 5  quilts I am quilting for a charity organization.

7.  Work on cleaning and organizing my sewing room.

So, that is a lot to do, but I like to be busy.

One thing I like to do is making a kit with my quilts. I often handpiece and having them in a kit makes it easier.

I have been following a free motion quilting challenge by Angela Walters at  It has been fun.  I am learning a lot.  I have a quilt I practiced swirls on that I will blog about in the next couple of days. I just need to bind it.

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  1. What a list! But you'll make progress on it. Mostly it looks like you need to spend time quilting finished quilt tops. That's a good place to be because you're almost done! Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.