Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Year New Sew- simply by Ti blog tour

I am back for another day with the Sewing by Ti blog hop.  Originally I was going to do that Valentina coat by Violette Field Threads,  but ran out of time, so that will come later.

So what to share?  I am in a lot of groups on facebook and I am noticing a surge of new sewers. I thought I would share a bit of how I got started and then share some tips for sewing knits.

I started sewing around age 9. I grew up watching my mom sew for us, as well as my aunt.
This is the machine I learned to sew on. 

My aunt was  awesome, and I loved the hand me downs from my cousin. My aunt alsof made the most awesome Barbie clothes. Unfortunately,  I don't have the clothes or pictures.

So, I started with sewing in 4h. It was thrilling to go to the county and state fairs and see blue ribbons. I had a great record book and in my last move it got lost with my pictures.  BIG HINT HERE:  TAKE OODLES OF PICTURES AND SAVE THEM.  Most of mine were at the time on an instamatic 110, using the rolls of film. Now I try to make sure when I take pictures, they are backed up, on my laptop, a flash drive, and anywhere else I can think of.

Then in Jr high and high school I took home economics classes. I loved sewing.

In 1985 I became a mom and decided I would like to sew for my baby. I made cute outfits for him and really had fun. Since then, I have sewn a wide variety of things.

I enjoy sewing. It makes me happy to make things for my children and grandchildren.

Here are just a few pictures of things I have made.

Hand smocked blessing dress for a granddaughter. The embroidery is known as shadow work.  You do this from the wrong side. 

A Cinderella dress I made for my daughter.

A tricot nightgown for a granddaughter

So, here are some hints for sewing with knits. This is what works for me and the way I do it.

*  I use just regular all purpose thread on my machine. I sew on a Viking Lily 550.

*  I use just a regular straight stitch. I don't have an issue with seams popping.  I may slightly stretch my fabric, but I don't always think about it.

*  I use a universal or ball point needle.

*  I do use a serger at times and I use just regular Maxi-lock serger thread. They do make a stretch thread, and I just recently bought some, but have not tried it.

*  Probably the most important thing is to try these ideas and other ideas and see what works for you.

I would love to hear what got you started with sewing and what things you enjoy sewing.  Please follow me, as I have more blog tours coming up as well as some finishes that I am going to be sharing here.

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