Sunday, December 31, 2017

My sewing goals and challenges for 2018

I love to learn and improve and i love challenges. So, for 2018 I have decided to do just that.   I have found some fun challenges that i think will help me to learn and grow as a seamstress.

The first challenge is a 52 week sewing challenge.  For this one, we have a different challenge each week. This will be fun. I will be making things for my kids, grandkids and myself.  So for week 1, we sew something warm. Thinking I will go with a fleece jacket for some grandkids.

The next one I am doing is a monthly sew a long challenge. For this one they give us a monthly theme and we sew whatever fits into that theme. So for January it is a coat, jacket, or poncho. I already have ideas for this.  The think with this one, is having a whole month, so if I want to tackle a coat or suit jacket, I feel like it is doable.

The next challenge is the "who made it best?" Challenge. For this one, we have quite a few and have shared what types of things we would like to do, then we team up with each other. We set our date to be done between each other. I like this one, as we can spread things out if need be.

For learning, but all of the above are learning as well, I am following a book called Design it yourself clothes. This book will take me through the process of drafting clothes, something I have always wanted to learn.

Blog hops.

I have a monthly blog hop that I will be doing. Sometimes it will be something that works from 1 of my challenges, sometimes it will be something different.

I will also be doing additional hops throughout the year.

I love testing patterns for designers. I will also be signing up for some of those. Through testing, I can also learn new techniques, because testers are usually in a separate group, and we share techniques with each other.

The Plan
I know I have a lot going on, but I have decided the best way to accomplish these goals is to develop a plan. I will do cutting in advance, probably on a Saturday evening or Sunday evening.  I have put all of my events for January on 2 different calendars in my electronic devices  and will be putting them on a calendar that will be above my sewing machine.

I need to now decide how often I want to blog about these things. I am trying to decide if for the 52 week challenge, I should post weekly showing each newly completed item or if I want to do it at the end of each month.  As a reader, what do you prefer?  Please leave a comment below.

Oh, and future posts will have pictures.


  1. Wow! You have ambitious plans! I’m curious about the “who made it best” challenge. You’re competing with another person??? Not sure I could do it!

    As for how often to blog... don’t set a schedule. Write when you feel like writing. As an avid blog reader, I don’t care how often people post. If it’s about sewing I like short posts, long posts - ANYTHING! I recently started blogging again and I plan to just do as I please. :)

  2. You do have a lot planned! I think with all you have going on a weekly blog would help - both keeping honest and not having too much content in a monthly entry... Looking forward to following along. Happy New Year, Kathy!