Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Make a List Monday - things are coming along

Hi all,

Well It is actually Tuesday, but let me share with you what I am working on. 

I am making progress with this quilt.  I have finished 50 of the blocks.  I need at least that many more. 

I am also making some headway in organizing my fabrics.  I am anxiously awaiting to get my basement restored so I can have my sewing room back. 

So, for this week, this is what I plan to work on.

1.  Continue with the charming flowers quilt.

2.  Cut out some t shirts for my grandkids.  They will get a handmade Christmas from grandpa and grandma this year, as we are having to put the money into the basement,  and I have oodles of knit fabrics.  I can sew on these at work during lunches and after work. 

3.  Work on my arrows quilt.

4.  This is a quilt for my son and daughter in law.  It is the metro medallion by sew kind of wonderful.

5.  Do some hand quilting on this tricot quilt.  It is Little Miss Muffet.

6.  Continue organizing sewing stuff. I have at least 13 boxes of stuff.  Some a projects in Progress and some are fabrics.

All of my piecing our being done by hand right now.   So it is slow going.

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