Thursday, February 22, 2018

TGIFF-February 23rd

Hi, and welcome to TGIFF, Thank Goodness it is finished Friday.  I have gone back to my roots a bit of when I started sewing and I have been having fun making clothing. 

I started sewing in 4h and then in home economics. I had some great teachers. I have always enjoyed sewing and it is a skill that has come in handy in almost 35 years of marriage. 

There are a lot of reasons that I enjoy sewing. I can customize the fit. I have some grandchildren who are tall and skinny. To buy clothes that fit is almost impossible.  

I also enjoy seeing the happy smiles and faces when I give them a special outfit or even a quilt.  

Today, I thought I would share a few of my finishes with you.

This is the Discoverer Tee and I blogged about it here, if you would like to read about it.

 This is the ragtag raglan from petite Stitchery that releases on Friday, Feb. 23rd.
This is the Taylor Tee by Pickle Toes Patterns. It is a fun tee for color blocking.

This is the color blocked version of the Taylor Tee. 

This is the Henley Tee and I blogged about it here

I would love to see what your recent finishes are. Please link up below and share them with us.  I also love to read your comments. What are some of your favorite finishes?


  1. Great designs and what gorgeous models you have to work with :D Enjoy your weekend and thanks for hosting TGIFF - Chris

  2. Cute t-shirts and looks like your kiddos love them too. Thank you for hosting this week.

  3. How lovely, they look very professional and they are unique too. Thank you for hosting TGIFF this week.

  4. Grea finishes, Kathy! Your granddaughter in the first picture looks like quite the professional model :) Thanks for hosting TGIFF this week.

  5. Oh those are so cute! I understand the tall and skinny thing - my poor boys have that trouble too - and they loved it when things fit - what a good seamstress you are!

  6. Those are all great. I'm sure the grandchildren love the new clothes.