Sunday, February 18, 2018

52 week sewing challenge - Week 7 - sew something with hearts

Dear readers,

I am trying to blog more about the things I sew. I am doing a fun challenge this year, the 52 week sewing challenge. Each week we are given a theme that we can accept or decline and go rogue and do our own thing.

I accepted week 7's challenge which was to sew something with hearts. I have had this knit fabric in my stash for quite a while. What a perfect time to use it. I made this t shirt, from the pickle toes patterns Taylor Tee pattern. This is a fun pattern to make. The color blocking is so fun to do.

 The heart fabric came from the now closed Hancock fabrics. I have a habit of finding fabric that I like and buying it without a project in mind.   The pink fabric came from the flatfold table at my local Nuttals Bernina. 

This tee shirt is for my newest granddaughter. I figured she needed some cute little outfits. I made it in newborn size, but am thinking of another one in a 3 month size.

This is another of the Taylor Tee that I made for my granddaughter. 

So, why do I sew instead of buy?  Quite frankly I enjoy it. It is not always less expensive, but I know what the quality really is. It is enjoyable for me to sew. I can also use the fabrics that I like. I can customize the fit. Have you ever bought a clothing item and wish it fit better? Either you need a longer length or you wish it fit your figure just a bit better?  That is what I can do when I sew.  I can also personalize the patterns a bit more.

This year, you will see me blogging a lot more of my makes. Yes, I still quilt and I will blog about both clothing and quilts that I make. I enjoy what I do, and I hope that I can inspire you in some way.

Want your own copy of the Taylor Tee?  You can get it as a pdf download  you can get it in babies, kids 2 -16, and ladies.  I would love if you would use my affiliate link It just gives me a small commission.

I would love to hear from you as to what you like to sew or what kind of craft you like to do.

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