Monday, June 20, 2016

Head in the Clouds pattern

I recently got to be a pattern tester for Rachel Rossi at Designs by Rachel Rossi (facebook) @designsbyrr(instagram).
The name of the quilt is "Head in the Clouds. "

 The pattern was easy to follow. One of the things I do, and I really don't recommend is I start cutting, then decide I need to start sewing, then I totally get lost of what I have cut. She gives a very good cutting it and she suggests the you put a paper on the pieces, so you know what each one is. Yes, by all means do this.

The quilt is being quilted now. I wanted to do something fun with the quilting, so being that it was "Head in the clouds", I decided to do an allover cloud design on the background. I used an embroidery thread in blue. It has a bit of a sheen to it. I used the same blue in my bobbin. I did all of the background first, then unrolled and re-rolled so I could do the balloons.

 At first I thought I might do a stitch in the ditch, but decided my balloons needed more. So I thought I would try some different designs. I love variegated thread, and I had a cone of maxi lock that the color is orange creamsicle. That is also a favorite ice cream treat. So, I started playing, and I did some fun designs. My quilting is not perfect, but I know with practice I will get better at it. I tried to do some figure 8's, swirls and kind of a pebble design.

All in all I had great fun doing this quilt. It was fun to try some designs that I had seen done and had wanted to try. One thing I would recommend is when you are contemplating a quilting design to sketch it out first.  I like quilts that are cuddly and not densely quilted. I think some of it may be too dense, but it will work. This quilt is being gifted to my grandson for his first birthday.

If you would like to order the pattern, here is the link

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