Monday, July 15, 2024

Churn dash block tutorial

 Hello and Welcome to todays blog post.  Thank you for joining me. Today I am going to do a tutorial with you on how to make a churn dash block.

This is an old, traditional block.  It was made in approximately the 1800 - 1850 time period.  I love the traditional blocks and in my quilt designs, you will see that I use these a lot.

For this block, it is normally done with 2 colors.  I found a perfect piece to use in my stash, and so I am using 3 colors in the block.  

So, what do you need to get started?  One of the first things I do, before cutting is starch my fabric.  I get a much better cut, which means my seams are more accurate.

Background Fabric:  This will be known as color A

1 square 7"

1 strip at 2 1/2" x 19"

Print Fabric:  This will be known as color B

1 square 7"

1 strips at 2 1/2" x 19"

Focus Fabric:  This will be known as Color C

4 1/2" square

Sew the "A" 7" square to the "B" 7" square around the outside edge 1/4" from the edges.

Sew the "A" 2 1/2" x 19" strip to the "B" 2 1/2" X 19" strip, along one long side with a 1/4" seam. 

Press the square and the strips.  On the strips, press the seam towards the "B" fabric.  Cut into 4 - 4 1/2" segments.  I will refer to these as "rails."

Take the square and cut it diagonally 2 times, so that you have 4 QST's (quarter square triangles).  Press the seams towards the "B" fabric. Trim to 4 1/2".

Now, lay out the blocks like this:

Row 1, QST, rail, QST

row 2, rail segment, block "C", rail segment

Row 3 QST, rail, QST

Now you are ready to sew your block together.  Lay out all the rows  and sew 1 row at a time.  On rows 1 and 3 press seams to the left.  On row 2 press seams toward the center.  
 Sew the rows together 

you have now completed your Churn Dash block.  

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.   Keep watching this blog, because I have some great things coming up.  I have a website almost ready to publish, with patterns I have designed as well as quilt kits. I will announce that here as well as social media when it goes live.  I also have some great blog posts planned.   As I was making this block I had an idea come to my mind, so I will be creating a pattern with this block.

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Monday, May 20, 2024

On the Road again blog hop

 Hello and Welcome to my day and day 2 of the On The Road Again blog hop, hosted by Carol at  

This challenge is ways we get places.   I just happen to be working on some baby quilts that fit this challenge just perfect.   I have little grandsons who think that trains are awesome.   Trains definitely get us places. 

They aren't quilted yet.  I am still deciding how to quilt them. 

Thank you for joining me today.   Hopefully I get these quilted soon.    If you have suggestions on the quilting, let me know.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

May 2024 Monthly Color Challenge

 Welcome to this months Monthly color challenge hosted by Jen @    You can get the pattern for free if you visit her blog this month.  

I had fun making the block this month.   Yellow is a favorite color and the flying geese are a favorite block (I have a lot of favorite blocks).    

I did a few different blocks this month, using fabrics from my stash.   I wanted to try different shades of yellows.

 I also  decided to do a black in there as well.   Yellow and black reminds me of bees, and I love bees, particularly honey bees.  

Remember if you want to get the free block, head over to Jen's blog at

Thanks for joining me today.  Before we go though, I want to share something I have been doing this year.   In March I purchased the EQ 8 software and have started designing and writing patterns.    I have had fun doing this.  I wrote a EPP Hexie pillow pattern last year and taught the technique at a retreat in February.  It was a fun class.   This is the pillow I made 

If you would like a copy of this pattern, please go to my Facebook page at   and let me know you would like one.   I have designed more quilts and am in need of pattern testers.   One of the projects is an EPP project, and if you enjoy EPP I would love you to test for me 

Thanks again for joining me today. 

Sunday, April 21, 2024

April showers blog hop

Welcome!!!!!  Today is the first day of the April Showers blog hop hosted by Joan at    

 With this blog hop we are supposed to share things that remind us or what we might do with the theme of showers.  Rain Showers, baby showers, wedding showers, etc.    When I first read the title, I thought well April Showers bring May flowers.   

Then as I read more I thought of things I might do for a baby shower.   So today, I am going to share an idea for April Showers and an idea for Baby showers.  

For April Showers, I am going to share some flowers I am working on.   I have gotten into English paper piecing, and I am making a bunch of hexie flowers.  These will be used in 1 of 2 patterns that I am writing.    I am hoping to have both patterns ready  by July 1st as I will be teaching a class mid July on English paper piecing.    If you like to do English Paper piecing, and would like to be a tester, Please let me know.   

For baby showers, I like to do a quilt or a receiving blanket with a crocheted edge.    Unfortunately,  I don't have a picture of a receiving blanket, but I will share a quilt.    This quilt is one that I designed, as a beginning quilt pattern to teach my granddaughters how to quilt.   I have published the pattern and use it for teaching classes.  If you love this pattern and would like a copy, please let me know.  I can let you know how to pay for it, and how much it is.    

This is one that I made for a grandson.

Thank you for joining me today.    One last thing before I go.  I have been playing with pattern designing and am in need of testers.   If you like to test patterns, let me know.

Please check out the other bloggers this week and see what they are sharing. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Give it a Whirl bloghop


Hi and welcome to day 4 and the last day of the Give it a Whirl blog hop.   This blog hop is being hosted by Carol of    

When I saw the theme I thought that sounds fun.   So I remembered a quilt a friend had asked me to quilt for her. 

She made this at a retreat in 2022 and asked me to quilt it in early 2023.    She wanted circles on it, and she knew I did ruler work, so asked me if I could quilt it for her.   I said sure.  I hadn't really used my circle rulers yet, so why not.   It was fun. 

I used my circles on quilts ruler from Sew Steady.   I did smaller circles and then some larger circles so they overlap.  I quilted this on my Juki tl18qvp.   I had so much fun.   I had this one quilted fast.  Probably because it was really fun. 

As I was scrolling through my photos I found some other fun whirly things I have done. 

I love ruler quilting and I teach it to others.   These are some designs I do with rulers.

This EPP pillow is from a class I do on English Paper Piecing. 

This purple and teal quilt was quilted with loops.    It was done free motion on my Juki tl18qvp.   

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Check out the rest of the bloggers for this week.  I think they have had as much fun as I have had. 



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Monday, February 19, 2024

It Moose be Love blog hop


Welcome.  I am so glad you are here.  Today is my day on the It Moose Be Love blog hop hosted by Joan at   for this month we are supposed to share about something we love.   I love to do hand work.   I have gotten into English Paper Piecing.    We retired almost 2 years ago, and I started doing more English Paper Piecing.    It is portable and I can take it with me, when we go on drives.   I have also taken it with me when we go camping.  It is just nice to be able to pick it up at times.   I can also do it as I am visiting with family or watching tv with my hubby. 

I recently taught an EPP class at a retreat.   It was lots of fun.   I taught the students how to make this pillow.    I wrote the pattern for this and I made some kits.  

I also enjoy hand binding.  It is really relaxing for me.  I stitch my binding to the front, fold it over and then handstitch on the back.    

I also enjoy machine quilting.  I do all of my quilting on my Juki tl18qvp.   I do free motion and ruler quilting.   I also enjoy teaching these classes to others.  It is one thing I am passionate about.

I love to use a solid backing on my quilts.    I love the texture that is on the back.    

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate it.  

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