Sunday, January 31, 2021

Make a list Monday February 1, 2021


 Well, it is Monday again and it is already February.   

So, here is what I did last week.   

1.  Finished this quilt.   I gave it to a friend who I work with who is moving.   I put it on her chair and let her be surprised when she found it.   She came to me with tears, of joy, and told me how much she loved it.

2.  I finished my loot bag for a swap.  It is ready to mail.  

3.  I got my yellow brick road quilt sandwiched and now I just need to quilt it.   

4.  I did more sewing on my corn maze quilt.

Now for this week:

1.  Do my blocks for the 2021 monthly color challenge.

2.  Quilt and bind yellow brick road quilt.  

3.  Work more on corn maze.

4.  Make a bag as a display for a class I will be teaching at a local quilt shop.

5.  Work on this quilt for my son. 

6.   Work on this quilt for my daughter.

7.  Work on this quilt for 1 of my grandsons.   Fabrics are chosen and cut.  I just need to sew. 

8.  Work on my quilt. 


9.   Begin working on my quick knits display for a class at my local quilt shop.  

10.   Work on this quilt for 1 of my granddaughters. 

Well, I think that is all I can do for the week.    

A fun finish for a swap

 Sometimes I like to join swaps.   Earlier this month I signed up for a swap called a little loot bag swap.   The plan for the swap was to make a little loot bag, using this tutorial .  This bag was fun and easy to make and the tutorial was wonderful.  

As part of the swap we had to add some loot.  The loot was fabric and preferably from our stash.   What a fun idea.   So, I went through and found fabrics I had extras of and stuffed her bag. 

Once we get the go ahead we can send and then we patiently wait for ours.  There is a 2nd part to this swap and that is to use some of the fabrics to make a thread catcher.   I can't wait.   I will need to make at least 2 thread catchers. 

This was a fun swap to do.  

These little bags would be fun to make and then stuff with goodies for a friend,  as a gift for a birthday or just because.  


Friday, January 29, 2021

Made for a princess

 I love the Disney princesses.   When I saw this fabric I knew it would be a fun one to quilt.   Sometimes when you have a piece like this, you can just add borders to it and then quilt it.   

I love to quilt quilts that have borders.  It is a fun way to try some quilting designs. 

On this quilt, in the center, I did some meandering, or as I like to call it jigsaw puzzle quilting.   

On the 1st border I did wishbones.   This is a very fun quilting design to do. 

On the 2nd border I did leaves.

The French braid border has figure 8' S.

I did the binding by machine.  Usually I do it by hand, but would like to get better at machine binding.  It is faster and sturdier, but I still prefer hand binding.    On the binding it really depends.  If they are a donation quilt or 1 that might get used a ton and washed a lot, I will sometimes opt for machine binding. 

This is a finish from my #2021finishalong list for the 1st quarter.    It is also the 2nd quilt finished in January.  Hmmm. Wonder if I can finish 1 more this weekend.   Something to challenge myself for. 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Make a List Monday January 25. 2021


 Well, here we are at the start of a new week.   I feel like I have done pretty good this past week on my goals.

So here is last weeks list;

Hearts on Fire blog hop project.   I worked out what I want to do and am working on it.   Done and blogged about it.  You can read the blog here.

Little Loot Bag swap -   fabric is cut and ready to sew.   

Yellow Brick Road - ready to sew rows together and get borders on.   This should be done Tuesday as I am doing a virtual quilt day with my granddaughters.   The pictures shown are my granddaughters.    They were instructed to lay it out in a way they liked and stitch it together and give it a really good pressing as they go along.   This is the layout, unstitched.   I will be putting mine in a layout today after work. 

Orange Peel - Done.    Need to get some good pictures and then write a blog post.  Hopefully I can do that this weekend.   

Work on the Corn Maze quilt.   Everything is cut out.   Need to finish some marking and then get sewing.

Metro Medallion. Still working in this one.   I have a few rows put together

Quilt for my bed.    This is coming along.  I have 2 rows stitched together

Now on to this week. 

So for this week, I had decided I wasn't going to add anything to my list.   Well, I started cleaning my sewing room a bit and found this quilt, that had been quilted but needed binding.   I trimmed it up, used the leftover fabric to cut my binding strips and stitched the binding to the front.  So now to finish it.

Finish my bag for the loot bag swap.  The goodies I am sending are ready for that.

The yellow brick road is ready for the borders and then I can sandwich it and quilt it.  

Corn Maze.  I have started sewing the squares.   This is the next quilt I will teach my granddaughters.   I am also hoping to teach this at my local quilt shop. 

Metro Medallion - continue working on this one.  I habe a lot of the blocks done.  Need to start sewing them together to see how close I am. 

Quilt for my bed.  I have a bit more done, so I will continue.

This one, I think the quilting is just about done, then I can bind and give it to the recipient who has been waiting patiently for it. 

This quilt is one that I want to get done as well.  

I also have these table runners that need to be quilted.  I have a stack of about 5 or 6. 

I have a goal to get 9 bed quilts done for grandkids for Christmas this year.   Some of what I have been doing are not bed size, but they might be used as donation quilts.  So after this week, I will be adding some new quilts that are bed size quilts.   Maybe if I start now, I will get 9 of them done.  All but 2 are twin sized.  

Yes, I give myself a lot to do.   But I like to be busy.  I am not usually much of a tv watcher.   

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Hearts on Fire bloghop

Today is my stop on the Hearts on Fire blog hop.    When Carol announced this hop I was excited.   The only stipulation was the heart could not be red.   

The beginnings of an idea. 

I had lots of ideas that I wanted to do, but in thinking about it, I wanted to try something different.    I had seen quilting designs done on a white or cream colored background and using colored threads the design made it look like they were pieced.   I am not 100% positive that mine does that, but it was something fun and new to try. 

One of my goals this year is to try new things.   

I was trying to decide if I wanted to make a wall hanging or a pillow cover.   I decided on the pillow cover and I think it will go great in my bedroom and with my new quilt I am working on.   

For the pillow cover I cut out a heart shape and traced it on to my fabric. I inadverteby my cut my pillow a bit too small and did not leave me enough time to fix it.    Then I carefully followed my tracing and using my ruler quilting foot followed it around.  Then I echoed it on the outside.   I took my 12" arc ruler from @ to make the arcs on the inside of my heart shape.  A tip:    When using a double layer of batting or a thicker loft, move the quilting foot up just a bit. 

For the quilting I used Glide thread by @ in mint.   It is a 40 weight polyester thread.   I love the sheen it gives.    I also used 2 layers of warm and natural 100% cotton batting by @  I love the puff it gives.   

I really like this and I want to practice it some more.   I may even make several hearts like this and make them into a quilt.   

Please visit all the other bloggers from this hop.  They all have some great ideas.  

I love reading your comments, so please feel free to leave them.