Sunday, September 22, 2019

Back to school blog hop - making kits for on the go sewing

Hi and welcome to my day for the Back to school blog hop hosted by Sam of  thank you Sam for letting me be a part of this  blog  hop.

Today I am going to share some ideas of how I put kits together for on the go sewing.   I love to take projects with me, and dependent on where I am going determines if I take just hand sewing or a sewing machine and the works.  Usually though it turns out not be hand sewing.

When I get ready to make a kit, I cut enough fabric for 1 block to test it.  Then I cut all the pieces I need.  I usually buy extra (usually 1/4 - 1/2 yard) as a just in case, because when I don't I screw up.  I keep all my fabrics, including the extra together until the top is done.

My kits are kept in various bags and containers.  Easy to grab and put into a bigger bag.  Right now, I know what is in each bag, but I think i will make some bags with a clear plastic window in so I can stick a paper in there telling me what it is.

I have a few projects ready to go constantly.  I put 1 in my backpack so I can work on it during my lunch break.

Then I have 1 or 2 ready to go in a bag for when I go in the car.

So, what do I keep in my project bags:

A small pair of scissors
A spool of thread
A couple of needles (just in case I lose 1)
And of course the blocks I am working on
 Instructions are usually photocopied and folded up or I take a picture and keep it on my phone or tablet or both.

These 2 bags I keep extra needles a little ruler and an extra pair of scissors in.  1 is always in my backpack and 1 stays  in my bag I take projects in. 

I add other things if I am taking projects with me for a trip.
I add my rotary cutter, mat and a ruler or two.

I do find that most times I take more things than I need.  But if I am someplace with my granddaughters, they know I always have some hand piecing we can do.

It is great to always have something I can work on as we are driving someplace.

I use the same process for keeping my projects in my sewing room organized .  That way whether I am sewing or my granddaughters are wanting to sew and forgot their projects, they can still sew.

  If I ask them where there project is they often say home and I ask them how they can sew and they always tell me that I always have a project they can sew or fabric they can work with.  They are so right.

I hope I have shared some good tips with you.

I love reading your comments, so please share how you organize.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

My favorite quilt block -blog hop

Hi and welcome.   I am glad you are here.   I have had a hard time deciding exactly which block to share, because I have a lot that I love.

I love the churn dash block.

I also love the star blocks and there are so many of them.  One of the aspects that I love with the star blocks are the flying geese blocks.  I love to make flying geese.

They are easy to make and I want to share a story.

 I have been teaching my 9 year old granddaughter to quilt.  She made this quilt, her very first one, and entered it in her county fair.  She earned 2nd place.  She is very excited.

 She wanted to start another quilt, so I pulled out some patterns for her to decide and she chose this one.

I happened to have her for the weekend about 3 weeks ago and we started on this quilt.  I showed her how to mark the squares and how to sew them.   She has been working on this quilt at home.   I have to say I am impressed by her work.

  She has a goal to enter a quilt in our state fair one day.  I think I may join her in that goal. 

Please join these other bloggers to see what their favorite blocks are
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Friday, September 13th

It's Tee Time - a baby quilt

Today I want to share a fun baby quilt that I made.   This was made for my bosses new little boy.  My boss is quite the golf addict.  In fact we joke about whose hobby costs more - mine with quilting and sewing or his with golfing.

When he announced they were having a baby I knew I wanted to do a quilt for them.  Any reason to make a quilt is good.   So I started thinking of different quilts.  This is the one I made and blogged about  for his little girl

So when they announced they were having a boy I decided a golf quilt needed to be done.  For the patterns some were bought and some were coloring pages.

I used www.aurifil.comthreads and essential cotton from www.connectingthreads.comfor piecing and applique and for quilting I used my go to thread which is glide love the sheen it gives.

I may be doing this quilt in a bigger size for a golf tournament and auction to help a family of a lady that I work with.   This was such a fun quilt to make  and I hope the baby enjoys lots of cuddling in it.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Make a list Monday - 9-9-19

 Welcome.   It has been a while since I have posted.   But things go better when I have goals in mind.

This week my goal list will be short.

1.  Finish the Fancy Fox quilt top.   Then if time get it sandwhiched and quilted.  This is for a friend that I work with.

2. Get my blog post written for Friday.   I will be sharing my favorite blog.   Biggest problem is choosing that favorite block, but I have a fun 1 in mind.

3.  Write the blog post on the "It's tee time" quilt.

4.  Work on a quilt that I hope to donate to the festival of the trees.  The proceeds from the auction and sale of the quilts and other items goes to support our Children's hospital here in Utah. It is Primary Children's hospital. I am trying to decide between 2 quilts. This is one of them.

This is the other choice.

6.  Make a sheet for a grandson.  He has been wanting one for a while.

Not a super short list.  Some of these will go fast, like the blog writing and some will take more time.  It all depends on how the week at work goes.   I will get some of the pieces for tops cut and take them to work so I can hand piece during lunch.

So, what are you working on this week?  What are your goals?  I would love to hear from you.