Thursday, January 25, 2024

White rabbit blog hop

 Hello all,

Welcome to my day on the White Rabbit blog hop hosted by Carol @  

  The challenge was to use white in a quilt, use rabbits, or use a white rabbit.    I knew just what I was going to do.   A lot of my quilts have white in them.   I am however trying to get away from white backgrounds and go creams when I need a light background or even a light shade of other colors and black or super dark navy when I need a dark color background.  Just for a bit of variety.   What colors do you like for backgrounds?

On to the quilts.  This one, I call rectangles.  It was a fun one to make.  I put it in my county fair last year and got a blue ribbon on it. I love it.   I quilted it with an all over medium meander.  

This second one has been a work in progress since 2020.    We were in the process of remodeling our home.   We wanted the master bedroom to be painted a light green.   Well, the bedroom got painted, but the quilt didn't get done in time.    

In  2022 we moved, and we have 3 guest bedrooms, all with beds needing quilts.   I am still working on quilts for those beds.   The top is  done, but needs quilted.  I started quilting it, using white thread, it waa perfect on top, but I didn't like it on the green background.   So then I tried to use green in the bobbin but I had pokies coming through.

 A friend, who longarms, suggested a green on top, to match my backing.   So, I finally unpicked the quilting I had done (about 1/2) and think I will quilt with green.  

  Have you ever quilted with a contrast color?  I would love to hear your suggestions.  

I appreciate you reading my blog.   I would love to hear your answers to the 2 questions I asked.   

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  1. Love your blue ribbon quilt!!!

  2. Your quilt deserved a blue ribbon! Afraid I'm not a 'sane' quilter (crazy quilting used to be my 'thing' and now I do landscapes, so I'm no help to you on what thread to use.

  3. I love that pattern. What a great way to show off those fabrics we just love collecting. You are a much better person that I am. Unpicking is such a chore. LOL!! I had to laugh at your painting/quilt comment. I hate painting, so I have a finished quilt and a room that still needs paint. We really need to switch lives! HAHAHA

  4. That is definitely a blue ribbon it! I've used variegated thread on my quilts, but it does make me nervous to have the stitching show too much. Thanks for sharing your "White Rabbit" projects with us, Kathy! xo

  5. Beautiful quilt. I don't stitch with contrasting thread. Makes me nervous to have my stitching show so much.

  6. lovely quilts. The rectangle one is one I'll have to remember because that would be a fun way to use some of my novelty print scraps.

  7. Your quilts are lovely! I have never used contrasting thread, but I do think it's pretty on some quilts!

  8. I use a lot of white for backgrounds too. It just makes everything pop. I have used the contrasting quilting. I prefer a light contrast as I think all mistakes show when using contrasting thread. Congratulations on the blue ribbon quilt.

  9. The quilt will look lovely once it's quilted. It's beautiful! I've used contrasting thread a lot in my quilting, but I tend to keep it very light. In this case, I might use a very pale green.

  10. Both quilts are pretty. I love the green in the first one. I do use a white or cream background, but also like black, dark grey, and even navy. Contrasting thread for quilting, I tend to like neutral colors and white. Sometimes even a translucent thread.

  11. For backgrounds, I like to try and coordinate with a color from the quilt top. Sometimes, if I am trying to have a quilt that can be used for a holiday and throughout the year, I will have two completely different looks on the top and bottom of a quilt. As for the second question, I am not a very good quilter, so I don't use contrasting thread. I am still trying to improve in that area.

  12. Your quilt will be beautiful! I often choose light gray for my quilting thread. It blends with the light colors, and isn't so stark against the darker ones.

  13. Beautiful project! I go typically with a solid background or low volume but I have done everything from white, to bright yellow to darker hues of black and purple!

  14. They are both beautiful quilts! I love using white as my background fabric... just makes the quilts look fresh and bright! xx

  15. They are beautiful projects. I like to use a white background as it makes the colours pop really well.

  16. Beautiful quilt. I can see how you got a blue ribbon.