Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Make a list Monday - January 11, 2021


 Well, not starting off the year great.  I totally forgot to get this ready and posted.  Last week was just crazy.   

Let's review what was on last weeks list and see what I did.   Then I will share what is on board for this week. 

1,  work on my project for the Hearts on Fire blog hop.  I post on the 22nd and the goal is to have it done a few days before.  I know what I am doing and have it started. I can't wait to share. 

2.   Little loot bag swap.  This is going to be a fun little swap.   I make a cute little bag and then put a yard of fabric in there and mail it to my partner.   I have chosen some fabrics that I am going to send.  In return, someone sends me a fun little bag.  My fabric has been selected for the bag.   

3.  Yellow Brick road quilts.   At this point nobody has signed up for the class.    My goal is to have the tops done and ready for quilting.  I should probably change it to 3, so that I can demonstrate straight line quilting in class.   My class got cancelled because not enough people signed up.   Quilt is almost ready for quilting. 

4.  Pull fabrics for a large quadrant stars BOM that I am participating in.  Done. 

5.  Decide on project for the show your stripes blog hop that happens in February.   I do have a project that will work and I just may quilt that one up. 

6.  Work on a pattern test for my friend @ https://beaquilter.com

7.  Continue working on the Orange peel quilt.  quilt.   I am loving the variegated thread in the border.  2 borders to go. 

Now, onto this weeks list

1.    Work on the hearts on fire project. This is a blog hop and we need to add a heart to a project, but can't be red.    I am hoping my idea or ideas work. 

2.   Make a sample of the loot bag and then get started on the real one.

3.   Finish the Yellow Brick Road quilt.

4.   Start the Corn Maze quilt by Poppie Cotton.   This will be a quilt for another class. 

5.   Continue with the orange peel quilt.  Hoping to get it done.

6.   Make a shrug for at least 1 granddaughter.

7.  Work on this metro medallion quilt.   I need to be getting some of my UFO 's done. 

8.   Work on this quilt for my bed. 

I would love to hear what you are working on this week. 

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