Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Fancy Fox baby quilt

I had seen this pattern along with Bjorn Bear making their way through social media.   Well I thought they were very cute and I wanted to make them. 

I bought Bjorn Bear first and then went back to my local quilt shop and bought the fancy fox after I found out my friend at work was having a boy and they were decorating with foxes.

Bjorn Bear is still waiting to be done.   It will get there.

Both of these patterns are made by Elizabeth Hartmann @  I can tell you I absolutely love her patterns.   The instructions are easy to follow.

As there are a lot of pieces I suggest you use something to help you keep your pieces organized.  But even with a lot of pieces this is an easy to sew pattern.  When I start with a new pattern, I do 1 block first. This helps to make sure I have all my seam allowances perfect and then I can continue on with the rest of the blocks.

The process I use is to cut at all pieces and label them.   Once all are cut then I can start sewing.   I organize them in the way I will stitch them then I can chain piece, clip threads, and chain press.  So, if I have 20 minutes I may chain piece.   Then next time I will clip and then press.  Before long I have my blocks ready to put together.

This is also an easy quilt to hand piece, if you like to have a portable, on the go, project.

Daddy knew the quilt was coming.  He looked at layouts with me.  Mommy was surprised with it and it is loved by all.

This quilt was quilted with a leaf and loop design using glide thread in a grey color.  Glide is made by Fil- tec www.habanddash.comand the one I used was a 40 at polyester thread.  I love this thread as it has a beautiful sheen to it.   I purchased mine through

This was fun to do and I will definitely do this one again.

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  1. Such a cute pattern that's hard to resist! Perfect baby quilt. I'm sure mommy and daddy loved that you made it. Thanks for linking to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. Great finish. I've made the fox but not the bear. Thanks for linking up with Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday.