Monday, December 30, 2019

Monthly color challenge January 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Monthly color challenge.    This challenge is hosted by Jen of  I am so excited to be one of her bloggers this year.

The color for the block this month is yellow.   The block is done in a dark and light yellow.

 But wait!!!! Jen has a fun surprise for you!!!!!  This year she added a bonus of using a constant background color in either black or white.

My white one is cut.  I will share it in about a week.

I really love all of the backgrounds. 

And she has sponsors for each quarter this year.   So, yes, you can win prizes. 

Here is a list of the prizes you can win:

Quilters Chic PDF Pattern

3rd Story Workshop: Andrea Jackson Book: Gemology

For the Love of Geese PDF Pattern

Quilters Dream Batting Dream Fusible 80/20 - 60" x 60"

Andover Fabrics Fabric Bundle -  Giucy Giuce's DECLASSIFIED

Warm Company Warm and Natural - Needled Cotton Batting 45" x 60"

Make Modern Magazine 6 month subscription

Patterns By Jen Superior Thread S-Fine 50

Patterns By Jen Tucker Trimmer

Those are some awesome prizes.   It makes doing the blocks doubly worth it, right?

This block is very quick and easy to make. Which is a good thing, because I make my quilts in bed sizes, so I know I need to make some extra blocks.

A couple of tips:

First test out to make sure you have the right seam allowance.   Cut just a small strip of 2 colors, run your 1/4" seam allowance and measure.  Having the correct seam allowance is really a big deal. 

2nd:  make sure you cut accurately.   I cut my pieces the size I am instructed to and then once they are sewn, I double check measurements and trim if I need to.   Remember measure twice, cut once. 

I really hope you enjoy the monthly color challenge.

You can get the pattern by going to Jen's blog at

Join these other bloggers to see their blocks

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I can't wait to see what colors you use for your backgrounds.  Be sure to follow along so you know when to link up your blocks.   U


  1. I like your block in black. Think I might do the same.

  2. Wonderful block...I too am playing along.

  3. I like the black with the yellow. It looks more like the goldfinch.

  4. Great tip on double measuring! Thanks so much. Can't wait to get to it.

  5. Did mine in a black background print but thinking also of doing a 2nd block each month with a white background after reading your notes...I also like to do mainly bed sized quilts