Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hands 2 help comfort quilts.

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict
 Today, I want to share with you about a special project that I am taking part in.  Those of you that know me personally, knows that I love to do for others. It is just me. Something I have always done.  So when I met Sarah, through blogging, and I learned what she does, I felt I had found a lifelong friend. We still have to meet in person.

So, I want to share with you a bit about Sarah.  Sarah does charity or comfort quilts. 1 time a year, she hosts on her blog a program to give quilts to different charities.  This year she is helping out 5 charities, and one just happens to be in my neck of the woods.  I will get to that in a few minutes.

Scraps to become a quilt

So through her blog, Sarah does a fun event called Hands2Help.  Quilters from all over donate quilts to the different charities.  How awesome is that?  But Sarah doesn't just do it once a year.  She does it all the time.  You see, Sarah heads up the quilt ministry at her church.  They donate quilts to people who are in need of them.   You can get more info about the hands2help event from Sarah's blog at

Now, remember I told you about a place in my neck of the woods?  We have a very great hospital here in Utah, that serves children.  It is Primary Children's hospital.  And as I type this, I am teary eyed.  You see, just 2 short years ago, my little grandson was there.  His mommy had just had a baby, and my grandson complained that his legs hurt and he couldn't walk. At first, we thought, oh, he just wants to be carried.  No, something deeper was wrong.  They took him to the pediatrician and they told them to get him to Primary Childrens.  The doctor office had called ahead of time and told the hospital they were taking him up there.  Turns out it was some kind of a viral thing called post viral ataxia, and he was there for a couple of days.  They gave him his very own quilt, that he fell in love with.  I share this story, because I think it is awesome that this hospital gives out quilts to their patients.   You see, quilts are a comfort.  This year, I am joining get the hands2help event, and even if I only make 1 quilt, that helps.  But I am hoping to make a few.  It just depends what life throws my way.

This will be a rail fence quilt

I have also had friends who have had children that have had to go there for various reasons.  So through doing some quilts I hope to give at least a bit of comfort to a child and a family.
Another rail fence quilt

Would you like to help.  Check out Sarah'so blog at  I have a huge amount of scraps that are going to make some fun quilts for the children at Primary Childrens hospital.  I hope you will join me in this effort.  If you live close to me and want to piece a top, I will gladly quilt it and get it delivered for you.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful shout-out, Kathy! I'm glad to hear that you have such a personal connection (though sorry for the necessity of it) to one of the charities this year. Good luck with all your quilt making!