Friday, March 9, 2018

Fit for a Princess - Happily Ever After- Spring Dress Tour with GYCT

Today is my stop on the GYCT spring dress tour. Thank you Chelsea for the opportunity to share the Happily Ever After Dress and for the pattern. This post does contain an affiliate link.

I had a tough time choosing the dress I wanted to do, so I sent my daughter a text with the link, and had her and the Girl's decide. Happily Ever After won. With a request in colors for almost every princess. It is okay, grandma loves making these.

My 5 year old granddaughter chose the fabric. She had fun choosing the fabrics.

Onto the pattern.  Chelsea's patterns are fabulous. She writes very well and clear, has great pictures, and if you are introduced to a new skill, she links you to some helpful sites.

This dress has an invisible zipper in the back, and Chelsea has very well written instructions for doing that.  You can add a shawl or just leave it sleeveless. I didn't get the shawl done. Work has been a bit crazy. But, I will add the shawl.

The dress has lining which makes for nice clean finishes. You can use satins or cottons. My granddaughter chose cotton for the dress and organza or organdy for the overskirt. Knowing this dress will be worn a lot, like almost daily, I think the Cotton was a good choice.

You can get the pattern here
Make sure to click on the giveaway link below for a chance to win. Use the code SPRINGTOUR to get 15% off your patterns you order.

I did have to ask if there was a princess that wore this color, and yes, Sleeping Beauty  (aka Aurora). I get the princesses mixed up.

How fun would it be to have a whole collection of Princess dresses?  Which color would your princess love. Please leave a comment.

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