Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Juliet Leotard by Petite Stitchery

One of my goals this year, is to try some new things, and be able to learn new techniques. (This post may contain affiliate links. No extra cost to you, just a proceed of the sales, to help me buy more fabric, and share more makes with you.)

One of the things I decided to try was testing a leotard pattern.   This was fun to do. I have a granddaughter in dance and 1 in gymnastics and I thought they could use a new leotard.

I sent this to work with grandpa and my daughter and her kids went to pick it up. My granddaughter was ecstatic. She put it on as soon as she got home and her little brother (3 years old) said she looked beautiful.

I asked my granddaughter to share her thoughts with me on the leotards and here is what she said:
"It's purple and a little tiny bit sparkly. It's pretty and comfy and fun to wear. It's my favorite leotard. I really want to wear it to dance."

I told my daughter that I am pretty lucky to have the grandkids I do, because, they love the things grandma makes them.

About the pattern:  the pattern is very well written. It is a pdf pattern, and I love them. I get a really great fit with these patterns.  This pattern comes in baby and girl sizes.  Baby sizes are newborn to 24 months and you can get that pattern here
And the girls sizes go from 2T -12.   You can get that one here

The Fabric: I am not sure what the fabric is. I know it is a 4 way stretch and I got thumbs up because it is purple. Anything made with purple or yellow gets me a thumbs up.  I got the fabric from "The Cotton Shops" in Sandy, Utah.  They also have a location in Murray, Utah as well as Provo, Utah.

Well, off to make a few more of these for my granddaughters, including some for the newborn.

So do you have a dancer or gymnast? What color would you make for them? I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Cute leotards! I was actually looking for your post on the Island Batik Four Seasons blog hop...I hope all is well with you and that blogspot is just being a pill!!