Tuesday, November 7, 2017

watch and see Tunic and dress pattern by Ellie and Mac

I was lucky enough to get a chance to test this new
Pattern from Ellie and Mac.


 These patterns are pdf patterns. You can print each size individually, or you can print all sizes and trace them. I usually print all sizes and then have a master copy. I don'the print the instructions. I save them on my tablet ando use it while sewing.  After printing my pattern, I tape it and trace the size I need.  Then I get to the fun part. The sewing.

The pattern has cutting lines for a tunic or dress. I chose to do the tunic length.  I used a piece of crushed velvet (also known as panne velour). It is a 2 way stretchome, meaning it stretches from selvage to selvage.  The way this pattern is cut is mirror image and all in one piece, except for the neck binding and the sleeves, so I was down on the floor. I cut out 1 piece, then laid it on the fabric to put it right sides together, and make sure it was really right. Because sometimes I do confuse myself.

This pattern really is an easy sew.   Lindsey over at Ellie and Mac, gives a lot of detailed instructions.
 I plan to team this with aair of navy or black slacks. I may even do leggings. What would you wear with this? I would love  to hear your comments.

I have seen this tunic/dress done in a wide variety of fabrics. So, use this affiliate link http://ellieandmac.com?aff=183 and get it for some of your holiday parties.  You can read about another one by my friend Aaronica here https://theneedleandthebelle.com/watch-see-dress/

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