Sunday, July 10, 2016

Q3 finish along - proposed list.

I am probably the queen of half finished projects. I see something that I like, and even if I am not finished with other projects I tend to start a new one. Well, I ran across something fun, so I decided to join in. It is called the 2016 finish along. What is this? It is a fun motivational idea to help you get those projects done. The best part, as you finish one of your projects from your list, you do a link up and write a post about ut. Each post is an entry for prizes. I like prizes, so I have decided to join in the fun. Who knows. I may even get a lot of projects finished.

These are in no particular order.

1. Chevron quilt - I started this quilt in January of this year as a gift for a baby. I put it aside at one point and just got doing other things. The baby was born in February. It is about time to get it done, right? It just needs binding.

2. Froggy quilt - this quilt has been quilted for about a year and just needs binding on it. It was one of the first I quilted when I got my machine quilting frame, and I put it aside. Need to get the binding done and gift it to a friend.

3.  TARDIS quilt - I made this quilt for my son in law. It was fun to do, and now it just needs binding.

4. Teal star quilt - I found this quilt in a magazine, and decided I wanted to do it, but needed to make it bigger to fit our bed. I ran out of a piece of fabric I needed, but found a way to fix it. So, I just need to finish piecing it and quilt and bind it.

5. Blue/Brown quilt - started this a while back, basically because I liked the pattern and thought it would be fun for a sofa or even a camping or travel quilt.

6. Christmas quilt - this is another one I got put together some time ago. It needs to be quilted and bound.  Thinking it may be for a sofa or used as a table quilt. A friend of mine made a quilt with this pattern and I fell in love with it.

7. Dino quilt - this quilt is from a pattern that I designed. My daughter made it to test my pattern, now I get to quilt and bind.

8. Red/blue train quilt - this quilt was made a while ago. I am not sure why I made this quilt or who it is going to be for. Sometimes I just do them for fun.

9. The seashell quilt - this quilt top was started sometime ago. I have done some by hand and some by machine. It was another one that I needed to make larger and I ran out of some fabrics and the fabrics were out of print, so I had to do some changing of plans.

10. Wedding quilt - when my children get engaged, I have them and their fiancé choose a quilt pattern. What fun. I pull magazines and binders and they choose several of the ones they like then they narrow it down to one. Then we all go and choose the fabrics. This is for my daughter and son in law that has been married almost 3 years. I guess I need to get it done, right?

11. The football quilt - I actually have 2 of these to do. This one I'd for my hubby who is a BYU fan. It is less than 2 months to kickoff. Think I had better get it done. Need to finish piecing and quilt and bind.

12. The other football quilt. This one is not really started. This is the fabric. I am doing it the same way as the BYU quilt. I may not get it done for football season, but if not, I will do it for Christmas.

13. The froggy/lizard quilt. I started this for one of my friends grandsons. For some reason I set it aside and he just turned 4 in May. Yes, I need to get it done. Just need to quilt and bind.

14.  I found another quilt I need to finish. This one is a twin quilt that I had made for my daughter, and she got married before I finished it. I jus need to do the borders and bind it.  This one was an online swap that I participated in.

15. This is a wallhanging that I had started a long time ago. I just need to bind it and I want to add some sort of quilting to the dress.  My daughter loves Cinderella.

Yes, I start lots of quilts, and I need to start getting them finished.  This is only a part of what i need to finish. But, it does give me some goals. Sometimes I start them not knowing who they will be for.

As I finish these quilts, I will post about them, and share the stories behind them.  This particular challenge ends on September 30th. Basically, I need to finish at least 4 1/2  projects per month or 1 1/2  per week. Some will go faster depending on how fast I can work. There are more projects that I will be working on that are not listed here. So, we will give it a go.

There may be a chance that once I start getting them done, I may do a sale on them, just to get some of my money back.

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  1. Some great projects there! Happy Sewing!

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