Saturday, October 31, 2020

Monthly color challenge November 2020

 Welcome to November.   Time just seems to be flying by.   

This month's color challenge is buff.   I am hoping that my color worked for this.  I have been trying to use  my stash as much as I can.

This is what Google says about buff: it is a light brownish yellow color.   

This month's color inspiration is the Buff breasted sandpiper.  

This bird is a small shorebird.  This species is brown above, and has a buff face and underparts in all plumages. It has a short bill and yellow legs. Males are larger than females. Juveniles resemble the adults, but may be paler on the rear underparts.

Now on to the block.   This is a very easy block to sew.    You can chain piece a lot of the block before you press seams. 

A couple of tips:  a real Time saver is to chain piece as many pieces as you can.    

If they are for different steps, as soon as you start the steps, pin a piece of paper to the 1st one with that step number. 

2nd tip -  is the 3 P's: press, press and press.  The blocks look so much nicer when you press.  

This block sews up very fast.  To get this pattern visit Jen's blog at Https://

This quarters sponsors and prizes are:

Patterns by Jen  2 different prizes:  1 pdf pattern 1 spool of Superior so fine 50 wt thread,

Island Batik - 3 1/2 yards assorted fabrics.  I love their batiks.   They are awesome to work with. 

Quilters  Dream - a 60x60 Dream blend which is 70% cotton 30% poly.   The poly gives it a bit of a poof. 

For the Love of Geese - pdf pattern

P&B Textiles -  fabric Bundle of over 60 fat quarters

Said with Love - pdf pattern

Warm Company -  warm and plush batting 45 x 60

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