Monday, June 15, 2020

English Paper Piecing (EPP) - A tutorial

Hi welcome to my blog.   On Tuesdays, it won't be every Tuesday I am sure, I would like to share tips and tutorials that I hope will be of interest to you.

This week, because I have some projects coming up that use it, I want to share some things I have learned for EPP.   I love EPP.  It is a very portable project that you can take with you in the car, while you are waiting for appointments, whatever.

First off, you need to get some supplies.   You need needles.  I use just regular quilting needles.  I am currently using the John James quilting needles size 8.

Paper pieces.  You can by these pre cut or if you don't mind cutting your own, you can download, print on cardstock and cut your own. A couple of sites I like are  and

Thread - I am not picky about my thread, until it comes to my free motion quilting.   I use what I have on hand.  Currently I am using some aurifil 50 weight thread.

Glue stick.   Another one that I am not picky about.  I have used elmers glue sticks and a fons and porter glue stick.  This is optional if you don't want to glue your fabric edges to the paper shape.

Clips - These can be the clover clips that so many use for holding the binding or you can use binder clips.

Last but not least, your big bin of scraps.   Depending on the size of your shapes you don't need big pieces. 

So, lets get started. 

Pick out the shape and size you want to do.  The smallest I have done is a 3/4" hexagon.  Trace your shape onto the fabric or do a rough cut.   You want about a 1/4" - 3/8" allowance of each side.    Cut out.   I usually cut out several pieces of the shape I am using at one time.   Take your fabric and a paper piece, and lay the paper piece on the wrong side of fabric.  Run your glue stick along the edge of the shape.   Fold your fabric over and stick down.   You will need to put a small dab on your fabric to hold it all down.

   Another option is to thread baste.   Use a clip to hold your fabric and paper piece together.   Fold an edge of your fabric over the shape.  Taking a needle and thread, the a knot at the end of the thread.  Take your shape and on the back side, go through your fabric, not catching the paper, and make a stitch, then go to your next section and take a stitch.  Continue folding and stitching all around.

  I usually glue baste but will sometimes thread baste.

After you get a good amount of shapes done, you are now ready to start sewing your shapes together.  Take two of the shapes you are working with and put two edges together.   Take your clip and put at the top, making sure both pieces are tight together and held by the clip.   Now your pieces are flat and you can do a back and forth stitch.

You can make so many fun things with the shapes.   You can do flowers. 

You can see them in rows for a fun throw pillow or  quilt.

Come back tomorrow and see what I am working on. 
 I will have a fun project for you.

If anything is unclear, please leave a comment and tour email address and I will get back to you right away.

Thank you for joining me and I hope you will follow me.  I love quilting, it is my passion and I want to share it with you.

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