Sunday, November 24, 2019

Make a list Monday - week of Nov 25th 2019

It has been a while since I have done the Make a list Monday.   Life got crazy and so dis work, but I find if I make a list I can get things done a whole lot faster.   With Thanksgiving in here I will be stretched for time, but here we go.

This week I want to:

1.  Get my fancy fox quilt done.   I still have a few more blocks to do.

2.  Get this Christmas quilt quilted.  It has been pieced for a while.  I will hopefully be using it in a blog hop next week, so it needs to be done.

3.  Work on this quilt a bit more as it will be featured in a blog hop in January.

4.  Pull my fabrics for the mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter.  Want to do a fun mystery quilt?  Details are here.

5.  Need to clean out pantries.   I started this over the weekend and just need to continue.   I also need to clean out my pan cupboard and find a better place for them to go so they are easier to get to.

6.   Get at least my tree up and decorated.  Maybe I can even get my villages up.  Just need to see where they are going.

7.  And of course do Thanksgiving dinner.

8.  If time allows finish quilting this donation quilt.   This is a quilt for the SBB Heartbuilders program through Cotton cuts.

9.  I should get the pajamas cut out for the grandkids.

10.   Oh yeah, my daughter asked me to quilt this quilt for her as a gift.  Hoping to have it quilted by Thursday.

Wow. That is a long list.   I am glad I took this week off of work.  I will still get up at my normal time so I can get started on things early. 

So, what are your plans this week?   I hope you get to quilt this week, if you are a quilter. 

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