Monday, December 17, 2018

Make a list Monday - December 17, 2018

My husband is so awesome.  I have been wanting to get to a local shop to quilt.  He asked me if I could just quilt here, and we found a place for things that were clogging the kitchen.  If you are a regular reader, you know about my sewage flood, and that things from the basement are packed into the upstairs and carport.  So  I have been able to work on some quilting.  I use a Juki tl98q machine, usually on a grace frame, but I have found I have better control with out it being on the frame.  So, I am trying to decide if I should set the frame up when the sewing room is ready again.  Time will tell.

Okay, let's get on with this week's to do list. None of these are in particular order.  It just depends what I can do each day.

1.  Continue sorting through sewing stuff and organizing into totes.  As I do this I number each tote, and have a list in my tablet, telling me what is in each box.

2.  Hand stitch the binding on this quilt.  I prefer my bindings handstitched. That is how I learned and I enjoy it, plus I get to test out the snuggliness of the quilts.

3.  Make binding for these 2 quilts and get them attached.

4.  These 3 quilts need to be quilted.

5.  Continue working on this quilt.  This is my one monthly challenge with, and I would really like to get it done. 

6.  Work on this quilt.  This is a quilt by and is called WHIRLYGIGS.  I would love to have it ready to quilt by Saturday.

7.   Work on this quilt.  This is called squiggles by Christa at .  I think iI changed the setting around a bit, but that is okay.   It will be a fun quilt.

8.  Work on getting t shirts done for 7 grandkids. This I usually do during lunch breaks and stay after work to use the serger.  It makes it easier than having to keep moving machines around.  I have a big pile cut out.  They go pretty fast, though, so that is good.

9.  Help out on basement if needed.

Yes, that is a lot to do.  But I will try.  Sometimes I think I forget that I work full time and that I might be super woman. But I like to stay busy.  We will see where I get. 

What fun things do you have on your list this week?

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  1.'ve got a lot going on! Lots of lovely projects -- good luck!

  2. That's quite a list! But very doable when your sewing room is out of commission--you've got some organizing and some handwork--but you can get these done! Sorry to hear that your basement problem persists, but congratulations on finding a way to make progress during this trying time. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.