Wednesday, October 10, 2018

WIPs Wednesday - progress report

Hi readers,

Welcome to Works in Progress Wednesday.  I want to share with you a bit of progress .  If you read my post from Monday, you know there are things I wanted to make progress on, and I have.  So, this is what I have done so far this week:

Block for my block of the month - done.   I worked on this today during my lunch break, then finished it when I got home.

Mini quilt for swap.  Progress getting made.   I have stitched some of this by hand, during lunch breaks, and did some after work tonight.

Cut out my project for my Peek A Who blog hop later this month.  Trying to decide if it will be a quilt, throw pillows for grandkids, or placemats, or table runner.

It isn't a lot of progress, but every little bit that I can do is progress.  I sleep better if I have had a chance to play with fabric. 

So, I hope to have a finished project by Friday. What  are you working on?  I love when you share and I enjoy reading your comments.


  1. Every little bit of progress is something to celebrate! Great job. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. Great progress on some lovely projects. Well done!!


  3. Great progress, I love the fact that you can take profit on lunch break to sew! Beautiful orange fabrics