Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tutorial : Hand applique

I love to do hand work. For one thing it is very portable. Today's tutorial is hand applique.  Every one has a different techniques they prefer to use. I will be sharing how I like to do hand applique  and what works best for me.


Hand sewing needles. I use the embroidery size. I use as small as needle as I can.
Embroidery Floss:
I use DMC floss, mostly because I can get it easily and I have a bunch that was given to me.
Fusible Web: I usually use wonder under. It is what works best for me.  I have not had good luck with heat n bond.

I always prewash my fabric.  All fabric has a sizing on it. Your fusible Web won't bond well if you don't prewash. Also, don't use fabric softener.

I cut at piece of fabric, bigger than the applique. Only about an inch bigger. Especially on my small pieces. Then I cut my fusible Web the same size as the fabric.  Then I fuse the two together. Your fusible Web is going to have a paper backing. Make sure the side that does not have the paper backing is next to the fabric. You want the paper backing next to the iron. Otherwise, you might have a big mess on your iron. Ask me how I know. Once the fabric and fusible webbing are fused, then you can cut your pattern out. To do this, I pin the pattern piece on and just cut around it.

To start I separate my floss and use 2 strands. I thread a needle and tie a knot in one end. I take my applique and choose a starting point. I come up through my background fabric very close to the edge of my applique. Then I stick my needle through the top of the applique, about a 1/4" from the edge, then I go down at the edge of the applique. ALWAYS keep the floss under the needle and it should fall to the right of the needle. I space my stitches about 1/4" apart.

To end my stitching, because I have finished a section, or need more floss, I put my needle down through the fabric at the top of my last stitch and flip my work over and tie it off.

What color floss do I want to use:
It depends what look you want. I usually use matching floss.

Sometimes I will use a contrasting thread:

OR sometimes I will use a shade or two darker.

I hope you will give hand applique a try. I love it. It is something that is easy to take no matter where you go.

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