Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Q1 finish along proposed finishes

So,  in a recent post on my instagram  @kathyskwiltsandmore I mentioned that I had chosen 2, really 3 words for the year. The 2 words were organize and finish. To accomplish these 2 words, I then need to add a 3rd word and that would be planning.

You can read that post by going to my instagram @kathyskwiltsandmore.

With that brief introduction, we now get back to the 2 words of organize and finish. In trying to organize my sewing room, I started gathering my works in progress (WIPs). There are a lot. So, I am now moving to the word finish. To help me do that, I am joining the 2017 finish along.   I am choosing some of the quilts I would like to get finished. The only problem, I will lose my PhD,  because I won't have projects that are half done.  The best part is my quilts and other projects can be loved by the people who get them.

These are the projects I am aiming to work on this quarter.  There are a lot, but some of them just need  the binding and they will be done. So, here we go.

1.  The Tardis quilt. I just need to put panes on the windows and bind.

2. The Metro medallion quilt.  I have a lot of blocks made for this one, I have ideas of how I want to quilt it, so I just need to get it done.

3.  Chevron quilt for a friend. Will be done this quarter. I have to add a few more rows, then quilt. Quilting idea is in my mind and a file in my computer.

4.  This one is cut out and almost together.  Making it for a grandson.

5.  This one is have the fabric for. Making it for at least 2 grandsons, maybe 3. The 3rd grandson is due in March. Would be fun for all 3 boys to have matching quilts.

6.  Needs one more square and this one is ready to put together and quilt.

7.  My peacock quilt and quilted shams. This is going to go on my bed.

8.  Just needs a bit more quilting and then binding.

9.  Just needs binding.

10.  This one is ready to quilt and bind. I have quilting ideas in my mind.

11. The Eagle quilt.  Need to finish piecing, then quilt and bind.

12. Ready for binding

13.  Another ready for binding.

14.  Finish borders, quilt and bind. This is the humming bird quilt.

15. Just need to finish quilting and bind. For a grandson.

16. Just need to bind.

17. Need to quilt the borders and bind.

18.  Need to finish quilting and then bind.

18 projects, in about 12 weeks. Some will go faster than others. I will blog about each one as I get them done.


  1. I think that's doable!! Plenty just need binding and they all look lovely! My youngest would go crazy for the Cinderella one and the cowboy is adorable! Good luck 😃

  2. That is a big list, but I have faith that you can complete it or at least make a great big dent in it.