Monday, March 20, 2023

Little Green Apples blog hop

 Welcome to my blog.   First let me start with a big apology for being late.   I had it written in my planner to do my post over the weekend and have it go live at midnight.   I haven't looked at my planner all weekend, as I have had grandkids staying with me, while our daughter was having a baby.   So, forgive me for being late.   My mind wasn't on sewing or blogging. 

On to the blog post.  The challenge was to see something in green or an apple.  This blog hop is done by Carol of  

I had made this quilt a while ago, like a few years ago, and just go it quilted.   It is a pattern that I designed myself.   I am currently teaching it at retreats that I teach at, and am thinking I might publish the pattern.    This one is a very easy pattern to do.   My granddaughters who are twelve and ten are making one for their baby brother who was just born on the 19th.  

This is another version I have done.  It just needs quilted. 

Which of these is your favorite?   Would you like to see this pattern for sale? Please let me know.  

If you are in Utah, or plan to be or want to be, I am teaching this class at The Stitching Room in Richfield UT this Saturday, March 25 or in October at Quilt fest at the Davis Conference Center in Layton UT. 

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