Thursday, September 27, 2018

TGIFF 9/28/2018

Today i am hosting TGIFF - Thank Goodness it is finished Friday and I am featuring a quilt I made for my oldest daughters wedding 10 years ago.  This quilt has quite the story.  2 or 3  weeks before her wedding, we were ready to hand quilt it, and I found some mistakes. I undid what I needed to, and we were left with about a week to hand quilt it.  We had it set up at my mother in laws house in her basement, and everyone was told to work on it as they had a chance. I spent a lot of time over there quilting.

Miraculously it got done.  Fast forward to September 2014, she goes to have a baby and gets sent home from the hospital as labor is not progressing. They gave her something that would help her sleep or help labor. Next thing she knows, she is in labor, at home, and cannot get to the car to get to the hospital. Hubby calls 911, water breaks and baby is coming.   She ends up delivering at home in the we hours of the morning. I get the call and hubby and I make the hour drive south. In the meantime, she has a neighbor sitting with her 3 kids who are sleeping, so we go to take over.  We decide to clean up the mess, as they take her and baby to the hospital, to be sure everything is fine. Police, paramedics and her hubby helped her through the delivery. Cord was around baby's neck a few times. So, we are cleaning and I decide th email quilt needs washed. 3 times in hot water.  Dry it and it still smells.  Wash again and hang outside.    This quilt took a while to make and I could not bear the thought that it may be ruined.    I was glad to find that we were able to save it.

I would love to hear what you are working on and what you have finished. Please link up.

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  1. I love you were able to rescue your daughter's quilt. Such lovely colours.

  2. That is a wild story!! Thanks for sharing it and so glad the quilt is so well used and loved!