Thursday, April 19, 2018

Spring Fling Island Batik Ambassador Alumni

Hi!!!! Thanks for joining me on the spring fling Island Batik Ambassador Alumni challenge.  Our theme is use it up. I have a few pieces of batiks to use up.

As I got looking through things, I found that I had some projects started.  So, I am going to share those.

First is this one, where I had been learning paper piecing. I designed the pattern myself. It is supposed to represent kites, but I had forgotten to get some ribbon to use for the tail. And just as I am sitting right here, writing this post, I realized I could have made a tail. Oh well, I will do that after work.

This next one is made based on the squiggles quilt by Christa Watson. I laid it out a bit differently.  I have not had time to get this one quilted.  I hope to quilt it this weekend.

I hope you have been enjoying this blog hop.

Check with the other Alumni to see what they did to use up their scraps.  

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  1. It is good to get those scraps in control and used! I am going to start cutting things up for specific patterns so they are ready!

  2. I really need to do something with my scraps. They are just thrown in a laundry basket. Nice projects you have.