Wednesday, July 5, 2017

2017 quarter 3 finishalong

Over the last few days, I have been trying to clean and organize my sewing room. It had become a place to put things I wasn't sure where to put. In cleaning, I ran across a bunch of ufo's.  Ufo's are unfinished projects or objrcts. I really am tired of moving them, so I decided I needed to just finish them. Some have deadlines and some don't. Some are very close to being done, like finishing the binding. So, I decided I should get them done. But, if I link to the #finishalongq3 link at a hostesses blog, then I can be entered into a drawing to win some cool stuff. So, why not?

These projects are in no particular order.

1. These 2 stacks of Christmas fabrics are going to be used in a project for a 12 days of Christmas blog hop that I will be joining in on July 22nd. So, come back then and see what was created. Best part, you get a free pattern or two, depending what I decide to do.

2.  This stack of Christmas fabrics is for a Christmas row along blog hop I am doing. Keep an eye out for this project. I believe this is a September one.

3.  This one is for my son. I started it and got it to.the binding stage and never finished it. It is almost done. It will be great for football season. It is a throw size quilt. Would also be great for he and his wife for picnics.

4.  This is going to be a nice fleece jacket for my son. Aiming to get it done before football season.

5.  This one is for my hubby. It will be a throw or twin size, but will be nice and cozy for game days. Aiming to get it done before football season starts.

6.  This is a quilt for a blog hop for a friend's new book. The book is called "Piece and quilt with precuts" by Christa Watson.  The book releases in August. You can pre-order from her for a signed copy by visiting her website
Check back on August 18th to see my finished quilt.

7.  This one is for 1 of my daughters. I have just the binding to do.

8.  This is for 1 of my grandsons. I just have a little bit on the bottom to quilt and then bind. This is backed with fleece, nice and cozy.

9.  Not sure who this quilt will be for. It would be a cute quilt to hang in or near a kitchen, or put over a couch that is near a kitchen.

10.  I started this Christmas quilt a few years ago after seeing a friends. Need to get it quilted and bound.

11.  This is another one that just needs binding.

12.  This is a quilt for one of my daughters.  I actually tried to get it done for her wedding. It will be 3 years this October.

13.  Another quilt for a daughter.

14.  July Island Batik challenge. Baby quilt.

15.  This one is for my September challenge for Island Batik. This will be for a September blog hop

16.  This one is for our bed.

17.  This is for my son in law. He loves Dr. Who. This is another that just needs binding.

18.  This one is my May Island Batik challenge. I just need to get it quilted and bound.

19.  This is for my son and his wife. They got married in December of last year. I need to get it done.

20.  A friend's quilt.

21.  I think this will be for one of my granddaughters

 22.  Another one that just needs binding.

 23.  My flamingo quilt. Need to get the other side finished.

24.  My June challenge for Island Batik.

25.  My peacock quilt. This one has quite a bit of work done on it, but I can't remember where I put it. I will add a picture as soon as I locate it.

Yes, this is quite a bit that needs done. The ones with just needing binding should be done this weekend.

I know what I need to do, and that is when I go down to work on things, just focus on what I am working on. I am aiming to get as much of my list as possible done this quarter.


  1. Wow that is quite the list, Kathy! Best wishes for lots of checkmarks off this list! I admire goal setters.

    1. Thanks Janice. I am not always a goal setter, but it does help me, sometimes. Thank you for visiting.


  2. That is a nice list, although not as large as it may seem with many of the quilts being "just needs binding". I do notice a theme also among your due dates...before football season begins. Hope you have a great day and get all your fun projects done soon. I'd love to see more pictures of them. --Andrea

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Thank you. Yes, there are some that need to be ready in time for football season. I will keep persevering and get as much done as I can. You will definitely see lots of pictures. Thanks for encouraging me.


    2. Hi Andrea,

      Thank you. Yes, there are some that need to be ready in time for football season. I will keep persevering and get as much done as I can. You will definitely see lots of pictures. Thanks for encouraging me.


  3. Totally in love with your tardis quilt!