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Welcome to my longarm quilting services page. I provide free motion quilting on my midarm machine. You have a choice of stencils or patterns marked on the quilt. All designs are free motion and hand guided when quilting. What does this mean?  I don't have a computerized machine and so the designs are drawn by me when quilting.

I may sometimes use stencils or mark a pattern on the quilt, but usually just for reference.


Edge to edge or all over quilting. Starts at .01 cents per square inch.   Edge to edge or all over quilting, is one design motif quilted over the entire top. This would be swirls, ribbon candy, meandering  (this price can vary depending on the scale of the design used), wishbone, loops, hearts with loops, stars with loops, and many more.

An allover Graffiti design starts at .03 cents per square inch.  This is more than 1 motif or design quilted together.   The price on this type of design will vary.

Custom starts at .04 per square inch.  With custom quilting the design is specific to a certain area or block. Most often more than 1 motif is used.

 On all quilting design prices, send an email to  for exact pricing or if you have any questions.


It is important to note that when you prepare your backing and batting that I have a minimum of 4 inches all the way around the edge of the quilt. This is so I can quilt all the way around and as close to the edge as possible.

If you need to piece the backing, do so in the middle of the quilt using a 1/2" seam allowance. Trim the selvage before doing this.

When you give me your quilt for quilting, know that I have no pets in the house, and no smoking. Your quilt will come back clean and ready for binding.  This means if you need it trimmed, I will do that at no extra cost to you.

Preparing your top for quilting:

If you are using flannel for the backing, I suggest you preshrink it and then iron it. Flannel shrinks differently than woven quilting cotton.

Press your quilt top. If I have to press it, I charge $10.00 per hour.

Make sure you back stitch at the end of each row or just stitch around the edge of the quilt 1/4".  Sometimes stitching can come undone and it takes time for me to fix.

My goal is to give you a quilt that you can enjoy. I do hand guided quilting for you, which means it is not computerized. Because of this, there may be some fluctuations in the quilting. I have had people tell me that this just adds character to the quilt.


Do you only like to piece and not do binding?  I  can  do it for you. I have 3 options, you supply the fabric for all 3.

 15 cents per inch - I trim the quilt, make the binding and sew the binding to the top of the quilt. You then sew it onto the back. 13.50

25 cents per inch
Same as option 1, but I machine stitch it down. And it comes back to you ready for use.

35 cents per inch.  Same as 1  and 2, but I handsew it to the back of the quilt for you. And it comes back to you ready for use.

Calculating your price

It is very easy to calculate for an estimated price. Take the width of your quilt  x by the length, then take that answer times by the pricing for quilting. 
Here is a pricing example using a baby sized quilt. This uses the first option of edge to edge quilting along with binding option number 1. 45x60 = 2700 x.01 =27 for the quilting. You then take 45x2
=90 and 60x2=120. You add 90+120=210 and 210x.15= 31.50. 27+31.50= 58.50 is the total cost of the quilt. Minimum charge for an edge to edge design is $30.00.

If you are interested in a complete quote or would like me to quilt for you please send an email to and I will take care of you. Thanks for visiting!

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